Anatomy Of An Ascending Physical Body: TRANSFORMATION OF THE TEETH

“The crystalline structure allows one to grow new teeth as needed throughout life. There is a gland that grows in the chin that was once present in childhood, before the baby teeth fell out and the adult teeth grew in. This gland allows new teeth to develop to replace teeth that may degenerate. It grows at 1800 strands of DNA.

“Current dental practices and ingredients used in fillings, bridges and crowns interfere with the conversion of teeth to the crystalline structure. The sonic toothbrush has assisted in stimulating crystalline growth of teeth and gums. The sonic waves allow more Chi to be pushed through the grid work of the teeth and jaw triggering resurrection to a crystalline form of the cells therein. The sonic toothbrush often also eliminates the aches and pains in the teeth and jaw during Ascension that is simply the result of stagnant energy flow collected in non-resonant dental structures.

“Crystalline teeth also will regenerate enamel as needed. Plaque builds up constantly, primarily because most food is not crystalline yet due to non-conscious commercial farming practices. The bacteria in non-crystalline food cause the plaque to grow. Rather than visiting a dentist for plaque removal, the essential oil of lemon and orange dissolves hardened plaque so it can be removed at daily brushing instead, much like fruit acids dissolve dead skin, lessening wrinkles. Use these oils twice per week for this purpose, this way you can avoid unnecessary visits to the dentist.

“Gums also regenerate in Ascension. The use of the sonic toothbrush also aids in the blood flow to and from the gums after brushing, allowing crystalline teeth to more readily regenerate than decay. Decay in the crystalline body will be a thing of the past, even in teeth. Sometimes portions of teeth will break off near fillings due to the non-resonance. If this occurs, an entire new tooth will generate underneath, replacing the one that has broken. One must simply intend this after 1800 strands of DNA and it will occur.

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Comment by May Siegrist on June 6, 2011 at 5:50pm
Wait a minute!! While reading the last paragraph , some strange memory occurred in my mind. I don't know if I dreamt about this or if I ever known this from other dimensions. But very clear that it happened to me either in dream or..... (?) .....Weird!!!

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