Ship's Sinking, Rats Are Looking For Escape Ropes

By William P. Homans       


Intelligence still lurks outside the realms of Academe, Politics, Literature and "Experts." My horseman/carpenter high school classmate, Josh Bauman, a very smart cookie and fellow musician,

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started me thinking. He commented,

"For my friends and frenemies on Facebook, it has come to a juncture, once again, where my thoughts on the recent political events require input.

The underlying question to all of the recent activities involving Trump and the White House reduces to one: Why?

Yes, Trump has admitted to firing Comey because of the Russia and Flynn investigations, but why do these matter personally (and for him, it's all personal) to Trump?

Those of us who can read between the lines and understand the comments made by Donald, Jr. as well as the activities in Brooklyn and Manhattan over the last 20 years, know that the answer lies in the tax returns and the unwinding of the complex shell companies used illegally by Russian Oligarchs to launder money through real estate purchases. Since money laundering and doing business with criminal organizations and terrorist organizations or those associated with them is a felony, Donald Trump has a lot to hide. 

These activities are more than likely the reason behind Trump's recovery from his disastrous failures in Atlantic City as well as other deals that may not have worked out so well. As the FBI connects the Trump campaign to the Russians, eventually they will find out that the connection between Trump and the Russians preceded the campaign's connection. 

It's the old adage: follow the money, hence the tax returns. It's only a matter of time before these issues will be publicly exposed. 

No escape exists to prevent this inevitable conclusion. The Fat Lady warms up her voice while the world waits, holding its breath."

Then my longtime internet colleague Lincoln Ramirez opined, sourly, but with absolute credibility, given the events of the last 7 months:

" I wouldn't put it past the American people to not give a damn if he's a criminal. They have taught me I can never be disappointed or disgusted enough at their collective voice."

Well, as I answered him: P.T. Barnum famously said, "one can never go broke underestimating the taste of the American people."

Tio Linc ha razon. They already didn't care that he was a p*ssy-grabber. They watched him urge violence in his campaigns like the Mafia-associate gambling-industry rep he is. Surely they knew that he was absolutely ignorant of any nuclear matters when Marco Rubio had to explain to him what the Nuclear Triad is.

Surely people could see there was not a shred of patriotism or empathy, not a clue about actually governing through a mechanism in which he was not the monarch, the boss, who could just fire anybody he pleased whenever he pleased for whatever reason he chose to disclose, or not to disclose.

I'm thinking Trump knows his goose is cooked. He's made American diplomacy moot. Heck, we don't have ambassadors to most countries now.

Who needs 'em, thinks Trump, a man with a pathologically small attention span or capacity for reflection, I've got Twitter! And now he lets the Russians into the big office and lets them in on whatever they couldn't find out by hacking.

I have said, from sometime in the campaign when Trump tweeted some sort of statement that was really outrageous, and repeated, when he tweeted "let there be a nuclear arms race," that the intelligence community would at some point have enough of it, and would make sure he was deposed. He's doing a fine job of incriminating himself, of course.

I think the impeachment process will go swiftly if they can't negotiate his resignation.

This is not the Clinton impeachment over trivialities. Trump actually IS an existential threat to the national security of the United States.

Even the Republicans know it. They're like rats on a sinking ship, probably glad it's sinking pretty much in the harbor rather than in the open sea.

Resignation would be something like a plea bargain; it would leave him uncharged, and able to go back to running the Trump brand, which is all he really wanted before his head swelled up and he thought being President would be like running a real estate business where he could even lie about the height of his buildings and call that "creative promotion."

Trump doesn't care about his historical legacy, he's never read a whole book in his life. If I were Trump I'd take a deal and get back on the job of developing Havana.

I'm sure his real estate and gambling-interest partners wish he'd stayed the heck out of government. Hillary would have completed normalization of political relations with Cuba anyway!

More importantly, though, the sooner the Republican Congress can get him out of the way, the sooner they can begin to run away from Trump in preparation for next year's midterms. If Trump is still in office well into or completely through that midterm campaign, the GOP will lose both Houses.

But to answer your question tersely, my old friend, why? Because he has never learned anything outside his narrow little business world. He's never even tried to; nothing actually means anything to him.

The idea of letting the Russians in the Oval Office with their photographer while banning our own press is the best example yet of his utter unconsciousness of consequences. I reckon it's the most unconscious act he's done since calling up the President of Taiwan to congratulate her on her victory.

Trump is a perfect storm of ignorance and amorality. I am blown away that he mirrors an American People dumbed down by saturation advertising, "reality" shows, "celebs."

I mean, as Pogo once said, paraphrasing the statement of an early-1800s American naval hero, Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry, "We have met the enemy and they are us." But let's drink to the Fat Lady anyway!

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