A*A Report 2013 Thanksgiving Day 11-25-2010

A*A Report

2013 Rainbow Rose Roundtable

Thanksgiving Day 11-25-2010



Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Welcome to all of you and we love you.

Here we are! We made it once again to our new Blog space for which we are very grateful. We wish to thank our friends Debbie and CinZia: CinZia for creating this beautiful Header as the Crowning Jewel of this stage of our continuing Journey as Rainbow Hearts at one with the healed heart of our Earth Mother Terra Nova, TITALACORIA, The Diamond One; Debbie for creating this lovely new space for us and for all her hard work. As we have stated before, this space is a work in progress and we welcome input from all of you as you are a part of our family of light and we intend to grow together in spirit and truth, so please enjoy and be involved.

From this new space we will feature the daily breaking news along with
stories that uplift us and the messages we receive each day from the
KOS [King of Swords] and his merry messengers.

We also wish to welcome back our dear friend Dyanna who will be
transcribing these messages for us several times each week and then
posting them on this blog.

Rama speaks:

I have a great story to share with you today.

This morning on a local rock station I heard about a group of 20 soldiers
who were just returning from their tour of duty in Iraq and they did
something quite remarkable. They heard about the great
need which is going on around our entire nation’s food banks which are
challenged in these days to feed ALL people who are in need, due to
multiples of circumstances.

In the spirit of giving, they got together and decided to pool all their
bonuses, which they had just received, and together they came up with
$3000 which they donated to the local food bank in Albuquerque. Thus
these soldiers helped provide Thanksgiving meals to the homeless and
for folks in need.


We wish to say to this returning battalion: 'What you did was very
touching'. This story brought tears to our eyes and we send you a BIG
"Thank You Guys"! What you did is totally awesome and a great example of ‘the spirit of thanksgiving’ that is coming forth into our planet right
now in full force. We are all in this together---one family of the Rainbow Rose---and after what you have been through, to do
such a loving thing and help your fellow humankind demonstrates to all
of us the true spirit of love and the sharing! Wow!


And now about the characters in this Passion play called ‘The Healing of Dark and Light’---the BIG STORY: little picture!

What is happening here is that everything we are seeing in the news is telling us: NOW IS THE TIME! NOW IS THE PLACE FOR HEALING of all the issues and wounds and all the deeds that have taken place. There is no where else to go.

All the energies on all levels of this picture are pointing us toward the

I spoke with Mr. X today. He works with the KOS. We spoke for a few
minutes and he told me: All the stories that are being revealed, all the
‘fear stuff’ you are seeing in the news and on the world stage, all of
it, is being played out before our very eyes! Most recently, as an
example of this, is the 99 count guilty verdict of Tom Delay for money
laundering. You are SEEING IT ALL right now! The empire is
in ruin and the only thing they have left to do is continue to play
with their FEAR MACHINE in a futile attempt to convince the people that
they are still in charge, which they, MOST CERTAINLY are not! They have
come the end and they have no where to go except to ‘turn themselves in’ to the proper authorities because Beloved Mother Sekhmet IS COLLECTING ON THE DEBT THAT IS OWED!

The way Mr. X put it: The chaos going on between North and South Korea is really about ‘the changing of the guard’ or ‘the shifting of the power structure’ from the dark to the light. They are
demonstrating their own fear of losing control by flexing their muscles
in this unbalanced way thus testing the water to see how far they can
push things! Have no doubt---the members of the White
Dragon Society are stepping in beside ALL the members of the Ashtar
Command and ALL the Inter-Galactic Councils of Light assigned at this
time for the healing at hand on Mother Gaia. THEY ARE CALLING THE SHOTS and there WILL BE FULL DISCLOSURE/FIRST CONTACT ANY SECOND!

Right now, even though this situation seems to be in chaos, there is an
opportunity for energies, thought-forms and molecules to come together
IN A NEW WAY which is facilitating the Spiritual Transition of Change
throughout the planet and we are seeing it take place RIGHT NOW! Mother Sekhmet, The Galactic Federation of Worlds, the King of Swords and all the Galactic folks on the ground are working together RIGHT THIS MOMENT. There is a great opportunity FOR A GREAT HEALING TO OCCUR and everyone knows it!


In the BIG STORY, little picture, this past day or so, more crimes have
been revealed by Tom Hartmann where over $1.7 Trillion dollars has been made by Wall Street and the Banking Industry---IN ONLY 3
MONTHS---while more people continue to loose their jobs and homes and
are struggling to feed their families! This money is NOT BEING RECYCLED. Instead, this money is going into the pockets of the CEO’s and their co-conspirators. This is ECONOMIC HIGH TREASON! As
Tom Hartmann has said, ‘there is a great yawning chasm something like
the Grand Canyon where the middle class has fallen into the abyss and
the rich get mega rich and the poor are poorer than ever'! We are now
living as a 3rd World Nation and WE MUST TAKE BACK the Voodoo Reagan –economics and de-regulation that took place since 1979.

Its time to arrest these war criminals---immediately!

We the people must STAND UP AND DEMAND THIS! We must demand that the taxcuts for the rich, which are set to expire on
December thirtieth, are not re-instated and we must contact our
congressmen and senators and take NOTHING LESS! So, please
people, we are being asked to ‘use our authority and power’ and to
write letters, make phone calls and let’s get the job done!

Also seen in the news this past week, and this sent Wall Street reeling
downwards for a few days, were the arrests of certain ‘Hedge Fund
Monkey-Businessmen’ who are responsible for crimes of INSIDER TRADING and manipulation of the stock market. This entire story is
set to come out shortly in more depth and this will further drive the
nail in the coffins of these ones who believe they can keep the people
ignorant and enslaved.

Also being revealed is the fact that these same ones are attacking Elizabeth Warren and her new Consumer Protection Agency. They think they can neuter her authority so they can continue their financial crimes. In the name of WE THE PEOPLE, we shall not be moved. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

Mr. X told me: It is up to us, WE THE PEOPLE, to speak up now and DEMAND THE TRUTH AND DEMAND NOTHING LESS THAN THE HIGHEST GOOD FOR EVERYONE CONCERNED. This is how it all gets done!

Last night’s Keith Olbermann with Chris Hayes once again brought up the big issues about the unemployed where people are still suffering because the senate still have not passed the ‘Unemployment Extension’. This is also criminal!

Also in the crosshairs we see the Start Treaty for Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Bombs which needs the people’s attention.

We cannot allow this treaty to be lost!

Also on the table---DON’T ASK DON’T TELL!

We also see that Michelle Bachman and the Tea Party have filed a brief regarding the repeal of ‘Obama Care’!

All these things are coming up on the table as we are in the final hours!




Remember this quote…..


Quote of the Day

“Everything we do is important.

Every little thing we do, every picket line we walk on, every letter we
write, every act of civil disobedience we engage in, any recruiter that
we talk to, any parent that we talk to, any GI that we talk to, any
young person that we talk to, anything we do in class, outside of class,
everything we do in the direction
of a different world is important, even though at the moment they seem futile, because that’s how change comes about. Change
comes about as millions of people do little things, which, at certain points in history come together and then something good and something important happens


~the late Howard Zinn~




In Closing…..

Lastly, Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson showed up today with a surprise phone call on the Stephanie Miller Show talking about their movie 'FAIR GAME' which is out now and tells the whole story preparing the way leading up the truth about 911!

Everyone---go see this movie! It is preparation for the TRUTH:


As we all know, NESARA was to be announced that day---instead we got a horror story which is only now about to be revealed.


So, dear ones---may we continue to usher in the New Age of Enlightenment and Truth in our world with our LOVE, health, wealth and welfare by continuing on the pathway with loving actions.

The best way we can do this is by not only keeping our spirits up with the Galactic News we receive in these report but by KEEPING OUR GLOBAL SPIRITS ALIVE.


So mote it be!

OUR Blessings and Thanksgiving go out to all of you.

In Loving Service,



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Comment by Lucinda on December 1, 2010 at 1:57pm
:) Nice...I am so glad to be part of this new site for 2013 & New Earth..very exciting times we have chosen to share.
Blessings to All.... ~Cinzia

Comment by Starshine on November 30, 2010 at 4:10pm
Hello Tara, Rama and all who are here,
The website looks so nice and its great to see links to all the other sources that speak the truth made available here as well. Love the blog, keep up the good work. Love and light to all; we are almost home.

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