A Message to Lightworkers - September 27, 2019

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today. 

Today a reader asks a question, which appears to be a relatively small issue, yet which opens up wide into a much greater one. They write:
I am aware of the consciousness of all beings, including insects. That they are all made of the Light.

I proclaim that I love all of them, yet when they interfere with my life, I regularly kill rats and mice (when I can), snails, slugs, ants, flies, gnats, mosquitoes, moths, grasshoppers, strange bugs, aphids, even crows who have demonstrated they don’t mind killing smaller birds for fun (not succeeded with killing one yet, though).


I rarely use poison, except for ants, after nothing else worked.
And as I step on a snail, I bless it and send it back to Consciousness for a reincarnation elsewhere than in my garden. Still, it hurts my heart to do that.
Do we have the power to communicate with these animals [telepathically] to persuade them to leave? I have tried that.
I also realize that we humans have an immune system whose job is to attack “foreign invaders!”
Perhaps in 5th dimension there will be no need for war of any kind. And no bugs, unless we deliberately want to create them—?
I have come to the conclusion that human beings have the ability to create such things as pests through their continued negative thinking, and that once created, they somehow have to be extinguished again.
A bit like the creation of the Devil, perhaps, which was at one point only a thought in the mind—?
How can we regard creatures such as garden pests, including introduced ants, which are killing off the native ants and garden plants, and infiltrating compost heaps and worm farms?
What would Love do to with this problem?
THE COLLECTIVE: We are glad to have the opportunity to answer this excellent question! 

You will note the increasing consciousness humanity has for all living beings, and their right to exist.
On a larger scale, this situation of wanting to clear out unplanned interferences has historically led to war between social groups and countries, and what is euphemistically called “ethnic cleansing.”
That which is considered useless, annoying, unnecessary, or intrinsically evil has, since the fall to the third dimension, been considered fair prey.
If not for killing, then for imprisoning, displacing, or enslaving. 

This situation continues to the present day, sometimes affecting insects or animals, sometimes human beings . . .

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