Ashtar: "Love is Powering the Transition to The Golden Age"



Our Purpose is Love-To Express it, Live it, Empower with it.



Ashtar: "Love is Powering the Transition to The Golden Age"
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference - August 13, 2013*

"Greetings Beloved Family!  Welcome to the Bridge of The New Jerusalem, my ship, where you all have boarding passes.  You are all welcome aboard at anytime in your time that you choose to come!

"We welcome you with Love, and we welcome you with honor, and with the respect with which you so deserve.  You are as Divine as we.  Indeed, you are as Divine as any Being in the Universe, for you all carry the Divinity of Mother/Father God within your Beings!


"And it is that you are so special, because you have volunteered as you are, as you created yourself, into this lifetime.  This lifetime of promises being kept, and who made the promises? You did, long ago at the very Beginning!  And you promised each other that you would return to bring yourselves unified into the Higher Dimensions, no more to dwell in 3D, save as a visitor perhaps, because you have the capabilities to travel back and forth - you always have!


"There has always been that part of you which has not been a part of your conscious 3D Lifestyle, but nevertheless you have persevered.  You have come many times, to live, to experience, and yes to die your bodies, as a 3rd Dimensional conscious being. And yet what has happened when you have left your bodies is, that part of you which is eternal, that part of you which is Divine, has always come Home to what you call heaven - or any name that you choose is appropriate.


"It is that Higher Place where you know that you are Divine. It is that Place where you have all of your Gifts open and available to use.  It is that Place where you look upon where you have been as a human, and perhaps a time or two as not an Earth human, but nevertheless a sentient Being on another planet or star! 


"You have had the opportunity to gather with your Soul Families, your Guides, your Angels and all who would be in the next adventure with you, and so you have reborn yourselves into human bodies.   Some of your lifetimes have been joyful, it is true - for how would you know the difference if you had not experienced some Joys along the way - but for the most part you volunteered for the heaviest of assignments, the heaviest of Missions because you’ve done the assigning to yourselves, for yourselves!!!


"Why have you done this?  For the same reason you have the story of Yeshua carrying the cross - it is to carry the burdens for others so that, as you have found ways to lighten your own, as you have returned to Love - in many cases before you left your human bodies - you thus relieved countless others of the burdens that they were carrying!  You infused their lives with Love!!!


"Now when we speak of Love we are talking about the Really Big Kind, the Big-Deal Love, if you want to call it that.  There are many, many expressions of Love, but Love itself -True Love - is Unconditional!!!  It is forgiving, without judgment.  It is impartial, it sees the Light in all beings, regardless of what kind of a body costume they are wearing!  True, Unconditional Love is what you might call colorblind.  True, Unconditional Love stands up to hatred and loves even more!  I could go on about Love, but you get the picture.


"Where is true Abundance?  Where is true prosperity for everyone on Planet Earth?  What is the greatest single energy in the Universe that provides all Abundance, all prosperity, that fulfills all needs, perceived and real?  It is Love!  You can breathe it in and restore your sense of life, your vivacity, if you want to call it that.  You can take yourself up on high into the realms where only Love and all of its expressions exist, and in so doing you can shine it throughout your own beings first!


"You know, if you take a ride on an airplane they always give you a lecture on safety, what happens if there is a problem, and this oxygen mask will drop down, and they always say put yours on first before you try to help anyone else.  Well isn’t that true of Love???  Where should you be shining it first except into yourselves, within your own beautiful beings!!!  Because when you do, well, I don’t very often paint a graphically crude picture but let’s put it this way: It’s just like sweat, it just comes out, you exude it from the totality of your beings!  That’s right!!! Think about that.  You cannot help but share it and pay it forward.


"Another thing about Love is, when you fill yourself with it you don’t have any room for worry or anxiety or any kind of feelings that are not of Love!  Think about that.  Love can literally lighten, brighten and transmute anything that is fearful!!!  When you are in that flow of Love that is all that you have to share, or exude.  It is very, very true.  So when you fill yourselves with Love of the Unconditional, High Dimensional, Divine variety – the True Love – then it follows that you become a Messenger of Love; a bringer of Love; a sharer of Love!


"It is not exclusive.  When you fill yourselves with it, you can direct it if you choose, like a laser beam, to somebody that you know who really could use it.  But you are not excluding the rest of the World from receiving it as well.  While you are focusing on that particular individual, it is expanding!  Now, we don’t want to get too scientific - you know how The Voice feels about that - but we shall say it expands.  Love creates Love, and it expands exponentially!!!  So just think about that!


"Love has no barriers, there are no walls that can ever keep Love out.  So when you fill with it, call it forth, even if for yourself. It’s already in expansion mode and you are already sending it out everywhere!  Think about that, and we ask that you pay special attention to it, because the changes which are happening now -and there are many, many, many, many changes happening now, and they are making it into the mainstream of the internet media, and they are making it even into the newspapers sometimes, and onto the television sets, because there is so much energy behind the changes!!!


"And make no mistake, it is the energy of Love.  It’s High Dimensional Light, which is coming forth to literally move right on through whatever walls or barriers have been set up to stop the spread.  And so it is that Love is propelling, or energizing, all of these changes!!!


"Now, it’s true that there are some who are in resistance, but they cannot resist much longer.  Most of them have already either lit up with the Light - and if you think it was difficult for you to awaken in this lifetime or for you to know your Mission, your True Mission which is to be a Messenger of Love - just imagine how it is for someone who has been in resistance and all of a sudden the Light comes pouring in and they understand that their Mission has been to wear the darkest of hats, and now they are transmuted to the Purity of Love and all that Love brings with it!!!


"At any rate, this is happening and for those who for the most part have been in resistance, and they have chosen the dark, and we have facilitated their exit.  And what is keeping them in front of you now are for the most part holographic images.  What are holographic images?  Light.  Well, if the originals absolutely had to stay in the dark and would not come to the Light, we are now using Light to keep their representations in front of you until that wondrous, magical moment when we flip the switch and they are gone – with the proper Announcements.


"And so it is that we are engaging in these multitudinous - too many to count  - changes!!!  Don’t try to keep track of them - it’s all that we can do to keep track of them!  It is simply that they are happening.  What there is for you to do though, to be a participant, is to call forth the changes that you see as important to get everyone who is wanting to proceed into the Golden Age to actually get there!!!


"Use the LoveLight to do it, do your meditations, do your visioning, do your drawing, do your singing, do your dancing – whatever you do that is High Vibration, because that is where you get the attention of the Universe, that is where the Universe lives as the Light of whatever it is that you are creating, and you are unstoppable!  You just have to bring in that LoveLight, fill yourselves with it, lift yourselves with it and then go for it, because that’s what you are here to do!!!


"Every time that you see or hear of a change that you know is in this flow say 'Thank You,' to yourself and to everyone else on Planet Earth, and to those below who are in full support – the dwellers of Inner Earth have waited for this to come forth!  There have been other opportunities that have not succeeded. This is it. THIS IS IT!!!  We are past zero point, we are into the Light. There is no going back, there is only Light on the Path!  So yes, thank everyone who has participated, and yes, we appreciate your thanks and gratitude as well, because that’s what we are here to do, to help you and support you!  No, we cannot carry you every step of the way but we can go with you hand-in-hand, we can fly together, and nothing mechanical is needed for you to soar, Beloved Ones!!!


"Of course we will be having all kinds of tours and trips on our ships and all of that, when we are firmly in the Golden Age.  You will be absolutely astonished at what we bring, even though now you do have some ideas about what the Golden Age Lifestyle will really be about.  You will still have some moments of amazement at what we bring to be in partnership with you at last – open partnership with you to do all that there is to do to fully engage the Golden Age lifestyle here on Planet Earth!  That’s the Golden Age, that’s where we are headed with you!!!


"We do want to take a moment to thank you for filling up with as much LoveLight as you have done.  Because, you see, what you’re doing is this:  When I welcome you to the Bridge of The New Jerusalem, I’m not kidding, I’m speaking Truth because you have all elevated yourselves to a point where we don’t really have to come so far through the veil.  The veil’s really not in existence between us when you don’t want it to be!!!  We don’t have any control over your lifting - or not - of the veil.


"We understand there are times when you just have to stop for a moment and catch your breath and look around you and see what there is left of 3D for you to raise into Higher Levels.  Or, another way of putting it is, put the Light on the veil so it’s not there anymore.  Vaporizing or evaporating the veil - that’s a good way to think about it!  There are many ways that you can look at it, and you have many, many tools!!!  Some are physical, some of them are called forth from your Hearts, they are emotional tools, some are mental tools.


"Those of you who enjoy, for instance, sacred geometry, now that’s a real marrying of your left and right brains, is it not? Science and spirit joined.  For those of you who are more spiritually inclined you’ll get the science.  It’s all there in your DNA, and your Higher Self has a complete joining of the two within its own perspective.


"And for those of you who are more mentally minded, more scientifically minded, the spiritual part is there, too.  It’s always been there, you can’t separate them - don’t try!  Enjoy wherever you are and know that whatever you think might be missing really is not, because it’s there!!!  I can see it in all of you - every single one of you!  Just be in Joy, and express what you have passion to express!  That’s from the perspective of High Dimensional Love.


"Believe me, we are taking care of the down-in-the-trenches stuff.  If there is something that you see that you can do to assist and facilitate the work that the White Knights and we, the Ashtar Command, and the Ascended Masters and the Angels and the other Kingdoms of Mother Gaia are doing to bring this all about, by all means jump right in, but you do not have to.  That is not a requirement.  You’ve done your traumas and dramas - you don’t need to do any more!!!


"I’m here to tell you that if you are having the dreams of the night – the nightmares – or, the intruding low-vibrational fear thoughts coming in, it’s just clean up!  It’s just you cleaning up those lifetimes of traumas and dramas: 'Oh I know you! I don’t need to be afraid of you because I’m done!'  Now say:  'Thank you Beloved Ego for continuing to put this in front of me so that I can clear it once and for all!'  Then you can use your tools, whatever of them you have - a wand, you have the Violet Ray, the Sword Excalibur - now there is a good one.  Just take that Sword of Truth from Archangel Michael and wave it over whatever low vibrational thought or vision that you are having, and let the Truth of it come to you once more which is: 'Been there, done that, don’t need to do it any more!!!'  Or, however you choose to express it.


"Just open your Hearts to receive the Love, and let the Love literally push it out and transmute it.  That’s creating more Love for the entirety of Planet Earth, creating more Love to power the Golden Age, and being anchored one hundred percent in every location and within every Heart upon Planet Earth.  It’s still not there yet.  There are a few blips of the dark kind on the radar, so to speak, but that’s alright there are only a few compared to what this World was, shall we say, descended into, even as little as ten years ago in your reckoning!  Remember, that was post- 9/11.  Things were looking pretty dark, but there was enough Light shining, even then, that the outcome was never in doubt -it just got postponed a bit.


"The good news about that is that more people have awakened, more people than ever are on the Ascension Path, more people than ever are aware of where Planet Earth is heading!!! Now, let’s be real clear on that - we’re talking about the Human Kingdom of Planet Earth.  The rest of Planet Earth has pretty well risen!  But that’s okay because its just making the way, it’s just preparing the Golden Age for Humanity.  And so it is that it is all coming forth!  It’s all lit brighter than it’s ever been before, and this is because of you, Beloved Ones!!!


"Because of your commitment and dedication, because of your knowing that you are here to bring in the Light, the True Light – the Light of Love – as is Mother/Father God, as is each and every one of you!!!  And so am I, Ashtar, and all who come with me.  We are all Family, a Family of Love.  And this, Beloved Ones, is the grandest Re-union that the Universe has ever seen!!!


"And so we thank you from our Hearts to yours, and we salute you as One With Us, together in purposeful Mission, together in our Service to the entirety of Planet Earth and to the Universe beyond!  And now comes One** who shall speak even more on the Power of Love!


"And so I, Ashtar, on behalf of the entirety of the Ashtar Command and all the Masters, Angels and Divine Beings who accompany me on my ship, The New Jerusalem, I thank you for coming to this Gathering and I invite you to come to the Bridge to join with us here whenever you are so inclined to do, for we always have the welcoming of Love with which to greet you!!! And so it is! Salut!"


* Ashtar was introduced by his chosen theme song, Come The New Jerusalem .

**The next speaker was Mary Magdalene, introduced by A Wise One from The Stars, composed and sung by Lei'ohu Ryder, from her CD, The Call Within/Honor All Life . The transcript of Mary Magdalene's talk is here:

Transcription by Brian Coe.
Given through Susan Leland, August 13, 2013.
© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2013.All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted. 



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