August 20, 2013 
This Tuesday, Full Moon 



This is a Global Meditation Program to Help Strengthen and Build Global Coherence 
On this day: 
  • Consciously set your intention to connect and receive.
  • Hold this intention throughout the entire day, a full 24 hours.
  • Come into the Global Meditation at 8 pm. If you cannot make the unified mediation at 8 pm, choose another hour for a dedicated meditative space.
  • Stay consciously aware of the Unified Field within throughout the entire day.






The Endocrine Transmission

Releasing Stress
Balancing the Body's Endocrine (Hormonal) System
This audio transmission contains a high level of transformational energy and restorative encoding within its overall energy, narrative and music. It is a powerful means of bringing forth deep change at a cellular level.


senses The purpose of this audio transmission is to produce a deep state of calm within the body. It combines deep breathing exercises with conscious communion with your body's innate intelligence.        


It is specifically produced to bring harmony to the body's neural network by turning off the sympathetic nervous system and restoring us to a regenerative "parasympathetic" state. Through the relaxation achieved, an immediate reduction of stress is produced on multi-levels.         


Through the audio's mindfulness practice, it helps to boost your "feel good" neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin and endorphins, and at the same time, reduce excessive norepinephrine, the neurotransmitter responsible for chronic stress.         


Repeating the transmission often will help restore balance to your body's Endocrine Hormonal System to enable improved health and more energy, joy, creativity and passion in your life.      


The benefits will be most abundant when it is used in conjunction with a healthy diet, proper exercise, nutritional supplementation, the avoidance of sugar, drugs, alcohol, caffeine and environmental toxins in addition to mindfulness practices such as meditation, yoga, conscious breathing, non-judgment, acceptance and compassion.  






We are developing software for a mobile APP for Peace


to be distributed FREE to all Peace Makers around the world

We appreciate any assistance you can give to our fundraising to make this happen!

Send our Indiegogo link to your friends, family and network 


The Global Peace Operations is a self organizing plan to firmly anchor a grid of peace and the new consciousness harmonic of oneness into places of heightened conflict upon the planet.    


We are building a network of 144,000 committed light servers who can all be interlinked, in an instant, through focused technology.  

We are placing ourselves in service to be used as one group instrument through which the streams of love and quantum prayer can be transferred into trauma-zones, transforming the imprints of separation. 

mock up 1


Your funds will help us develop a Global Peace Operations App, allowing all of us to simultaneously receive "Awaken Profound Peace" notifications.  

You will be alerted  instantly when a Peace Meditation is about to take place, a time when all of us can spontaneously drop in at the same powerful moment, to beam our love and light to the intense pockets of energy on our planet. 


Please share this link and help us reach our goal!  




The Global Peace Operations Update - First Assignment COMPLETE!

The Synchronized Peace Transmissions for Syria and Egypt have just been completed and we are are happy to report a huge success!


Thousands of participants from around the world connected in synchronous rhythm, responding to the heightening tensions in the Middle East. Through our united effort, a portal of light has been effectively opened in both of these nations, spilling over to embrace the entire Middle Eastern region with the power of transforming love and grace.
We all know the power of love knows no boundaries so, like a game of peacekeeper's dominoes, this radiant energy is continuing to spread out to lift neighbouring nations into coherent states of inner and outer peace through the support of the Unified Field.

Full Moon Transmission ~ Holding the Vision!


By divine synchronicity, we may now utilize the illuminating frequency of the Full Moon to further strengthen the portals and further anchor the vision of peace, love and prosperity for the Egypt and Syria. 


Now that the portals are opened, it is our continued responsibility to hold steady in our hearts and minds the vision of lasting peace in the Middle East.  This will aide in stabilizing the energy field as it adjusts to the new imprint of peace. As we go forward, we may also cultivate the practice of giving our deepest gratitude for the dissolution of conflict and suffering in these beautiful nations...therefore grounding this vision as MANIFEST FACT.


Once again, we offer our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you ... for your humble and most appreciated service to the Foundation. While our first assignment is complete, the Global Peace Operations are just beginning!  We still need your help in continuing to build the momentum by spreading the word and/or offering a donation.  Please share your personal experiences during the transmission on our Facebook page.


The following are some of these individual goodwill visions of a peaceful Middle East that were reported by many of the participants, providing further confirmation of this important planetary work. Onward, Peacekeepers!  


Personal Experiences of Transmission Participants

"At the end of the call, when the portal was open I saw all the people looking up at the open portal where a golden sun was sending all it's light rays to all the people.  Their faces were looking up in wonder and awe."
"I felt the energy of this mission to the depths of my bones. I am sure that your work will yield fruits"

"All the people were hugging each other asking why they were fighting?"

"Wasn't this a POWERFUL day. Only 5 people in the stone circle with me for the transmission but we felt it BIG TIME!  And then we played music and danced several dances of universal peace.  I am STILL beaming!"


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