Cosmic Weather the Next Two Weeks

by Christos Lightweaver,

Cosmic weather is a subject previously discussed numerous times on this list, but it's a subject that many fail to wrap their heads around.  Others understand that we live in a living quantum field of energies that has it's own 'time table', governed by the "Geometric Ordered Divinity" (G.O.D.) of Universe.
It's all in divine order.
The next two weeks has some interesting developments that, as a metaphysician, I see having extraordinary personal and global healing capabilities... if we so choose.

Since our local planets all have unique quantum fields that act as step-down transformers of the deep space energies of universe, we're now seeing a unique pattern of planetary alignments that modulate or otherwise 'geometrize' the quantum field of universe in an unprecedented way... never before known to Earth's evolutions.

A few days ago, Venus entered into alignment with the deep space energies of the quantum field in 'Libra', an energetic part of universe that speaks the same frequency 'language' of Venus; refined, artistic and beautiful. That energy is now highly magnified, and it's getting stronger the next two weeks.

That beautiful-refined energy is not only magnified but also qualified by very unique geometric configurations between Venus and the outer planets.

Those who appreciate how it's all connected, as above so below, may be rather amazed what the heavens have in store for us as cosmic divine order and harmony meets the 'healing crisis' in the world.

As Venus moves further into Libra the next two weeks, it is creating an increasingly stronger 'Grand Square' with a 'Grand Cross' between Venus-Uranus and Jupiter-Pluto.  And this is ALL in cardinal signs that have a more dynamic-catharsis effect than the fixed or mutable signs that also represent 'deep space'. 

In other words, the harmonic equilibrium that Venus represents is now being configured with a dynamic system of 'checks and balances' that reflex with Earths quantum field.

You might say that the power of love that Venus represents is being magnified and multiplied by it's corresponding resonant field in the universe, and stepped-down by solar system configurations that geometrize Earth's quantum field.

This could be HUGE... the potential is there.  What global humanity does with that potential has long been prophesied. 'Shift Happens':)

One vision of the potential is a global evolution revolution in higher Conscience with a capital 'C'.  It's the vision of maturing social Conscience in our personal and planetary social networks.

Today I upgraded a recent NEWS RELEASE on the global development of 'Quantum Computing' as will define the next phase of the computer/Internet revolution after hardware, software and netware, i.e. heartware.  Obviously,
this is a global work in process.

If you haven't read 'Quantum Computing' before, give it a chance. It's not rocket science.  Consider how this modern day metaphor for conscious evolution is a 'parable' that parallels the biomimicry model of the global holodeck between our ears.

Systemic healing change in our world can progress very fast given the new 'Net reality' capabilities of worldwide mobile computing tools that mainstream smartphones and tablets now provide.

Connect the dots - where it's going -- and consider what the universe has in store for us as cosmogenesis gives birth to the millennial Aquarius Dispensation of Liberty-in-Love on Earth. 
See the Good and
Make It So!

The higher the vision, the greater the results. We all do better when we know better.  The Family of Man in our new Global Village merely wants to get our act together along more enlightened 'universal' lines that frame the 'Constitution of Conscience' for the 'Next Economy' - the 'Abundant Life'.

Systemic global healing change had to come sooner or later.  It may be far different than you ever imagined.  But far better than you ever hoped for.

Blessings to the Pure in Heart, for they will see

To Your Holistic Health,

~ Christos

Conceiving, believing and achieving a vision of virtue and valor for the affirmation, confirmation and determination of pure intention, attention and retention of Great Love for ascension in a dimension where a higher concept of rules "US" (United Sovereigns of Earth).

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