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May 25, 2013



Annular Solar Eclipse 

Australian Red Centre 

Ring of Fire

May 10, 2013

SLOOH space camera  






May 25, 2013 // Hi everyone, The third *hit* of the seven Uranus/Pluto squares that we talked about in my last newsletter (which can be found here was quite intense. On the exact day of the Uranus-Pluto square (Monday May 20) and at nearly the exact time, here in the United States, there was a devastating tornado in Oklahoma. Classified as an F-4, the fiercest and rarest category of tornado in existence, it was a mile wide and destroyed lives and property over a 17-mile path.


This type of monster storm is a representation in the natural world of the energies of both Pluto and Uranus: the power and deadly fury (Pluto) that demolishes buildings (Capricorn), appears suddenly and violently (Aries) and changes life in an instant (Uranus). I offer my love and prayers to all involved, as I know you do as well. If you would like to donate to the recovery efforts, you can do so through the Red Cross:


The Quadruple X-Class Solar Flares that we had last week also charged the environment with excessive electro-magnetic energy. The solar flares lit up the grid of the planet, and our bodies - and perhaps the weather grid as well. The influx was destabilizing and overwhelming.


The good news is, the end of this intensity - at least astrologically - is in sight. This week the Tri-eclipse portal that began on April 25 and peaked on May 10 will close with a Partial Lunar Eclipse on May 25. This eclipse does have some intensity associated with it, but for the most part it carries a lighter energy and points toward a better future.


So, we will get a breather now. We may be emotional, but that is just part of the integration process, integrating all of the intense incoming of the past month. Things won't be quite as intense again until early November.   


In this newsletter, we'll sum up the eclipse portal and take a look at the unique energy of its final eclipse, as well as glimpsing some of the sweet energies coming our way. (This newsletter is another long one, so fire up your printers. With the theme of INTEGRATION it's good to digest it slowly:) 



Blessings to all,






Carol Ann Ciocco


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portal closes   



The Tri-eclipse portal of 2013 began on April 25, 2013 with a Partial Eclipse Full Moon. This Full Moon was also the Wesak Moon, celebrating the enlightenment path of the Buddha. Here is my newsletter on that subject: This Partial Eclipse was very faint by sight, but opened a doorway to the power point of the eclipse portal:


The May 10, 2013 Annular Ring of Fire Eclipse over Australia. This eclipse was very important both in its energy and its physical sight. You can read about this Red Centre Ring of Fire eclipse in my newsletters here and here: The Red Centre Ring of Fire eclipse carried the ancient energies of when the earth was first formed 4.5 billion years ago, and also carried us up into the view of Earth from space. 


Annular Eclipse Australia

May 10, 2013 Nicole Hollenback.

The May 25, 2013 eclipse which closes the portal this week is so invisible that it literally cannot even be measured by scientific instruments. But in it's invisibility lies its hidden - and hybrid - power. It carries the optimistic outlook of Sagittarius, combined with the fury of the Uranus-Pluto Square a few days earlier. It combines the happiness of something called the Magi-cicada with the deep and complex energy of the fixed star Beta Scorpii. It is both the subtlest most hidden and most invisible eclipse possible, but it is also a Super Moon. It is the first of a new Saros series, looking toward the future, and yet it looks back at the past in a significant way. Even the portal itself began with the very last eclipse of a Saros series and ends with the very first brand-new eclipse of another Saros series. (Note: more info on all of this is below) 


 In short, this eclipse embodies the HYBRID energy of 2013 and foreshadows what is to come later in the year. I am using the word Hybrid to describe the entire year. As this eclipse portal closes we can now clearly see the bi-furcated nature of 2013. All of this leads up to a HYBRID Eclipse (New Moon) on November 3, 2013.  


NOTE: A Hybrid Eclipse (also called an Annular/Total eclipse) shifts between a Total Solar and Annular Solar eclipses and is comparatively rare. (In the 20th century there were 228 solar eclipses of which 78 were partial, 73 were annular, 71 were total, and 6 were hybrids. In the 21st century, the stats are similar: of 224 solar eclipses, only 7 will be hybrids) 


This unusual eclipse will take place on November 3, 2012 - within 2 DAYS of the fourth Uranus/Pluto Square (on November 1, 2013). An astronomer has described this Hybrid Eclipse as "A STAGGERING EVENT - THOUGH ONLY FOR A FEW MINUTES IN A FEW PLACES" When astronomers rave, and a Uranus/Pluto Square occurs only days before, you know it is going to be a November to Remember.  


At this point, however, the hybrid scales tip toward more upbeat, buoyant energies - what I'm calling the Summer of Love. (If you are in the Southern hemisphere, the place of so many wild eclipses lately, you might want to call it a Winter Wonderland:)


The Summer of Love centers on a harmonious Grand Trine in flowing water signs on July 17, 2013, and a Star of David configuration on July 29, 2013. These placements are auspicious and will offer opportunities for heart opening. Stay tuned for more information on these events in forthcoming newsletters. The key is: we can rest up now and enjoy the waves of cooling waters.



subtle ~ invisible



The closing eclipse of the Tri-eclipse portal is a Penumbral (another word for Partial) Lunar Eclipse Full Moon which occurs at 12:25am EDT on May 25, 2013 (this will be 9:25pm Pacific time on May 24). The eclipse will be at 5 degrees of Sagittarius/Gemini with the Moon in Sagittarius and the Sun in Gemini.


This Penumbral Lunar Eclipse is one of the slightest eclipses possible; there will only be a mere touch of shadow at the northernmost part of the moon. The shadow will be in contact with the Moon for little more than 33 minutes. As you know, 33 is a sacred number, said to be the number of the Masters, such as Buddha and Jesus. This is an interesting connection with the opening eclipse of this portal which occurred on the Wesak Full Moon in celebration of the enlightenment path of the Buddha. The Ascended Masters have their energies locked into this eclipse portal as it turns its eyes to the future. Meditate on the number 33, it is a very special number.


The May 25 eclipse is centered over the Americas, but, as mentioned, it's of theoretical interest only. The event is totally invisible; only a minuscule portion of the Moon's disk will dip briefly inside the outermost edge of Earth's shadow. Sunlight on the tiny part of the Moon that is affected will be dimmed less than 1% - much too little for even the most sensitive scientific instruments to detect. (


Don't expect to *see* anything when you look up. HOWEVER you may *feel* something - emotion is the name of the game when it comes to Full Moons, Lunar Eclipses, and especially as we head into the Watery Summer of Love.


emotional clearing


Partial Lunar Eclipses are Full Moons, and Full Moons are related to our emotional nature, as well as bringing full(er) illumination to what is normally hidden in the dark.


The May 25 Full Moon Penumbral Eclipse is considered to be a Super Moon, i.e. the moon is at or near (within 90% of) its closest approach to Earth. (We have a more prominent Super Moon on June 23, 2013, but the May 25 Full Moon is also a Super Moon). For more info on the Super Moon go to 


So add some Super to the nature of the emotional Full Moon and you might have some Super emotional waves. Partial/Penumbral Lunar Eclipses are an especially good time to communicate long-held hidden emotional desires and feelings to others (and of course to yourself!). If you do so, these emotions might not sting as much as they might at a normal full moon, as the emotional moon is being eclipsed.



Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Any Full Moon is good for processing EMOTIONS but when a Full Moon is as hidden and mysterious as this eclipse is (an eclipse that science can't even detect), then we have a chance to really go hidden. I.e. this is a chance to open yourself to healing without knowing THE CONTENT of what is being released.


This could involve PAST-LIFE events and traumas that are holding you back in this lifetime but are too fresh or painful to bring into consciousness in this lifetime. But they are holding you back nonetheless. One of my teachers told me that lifetimes which occurred less than 500 years ago are still so new and fresh that it is difficult to go into them clearly or without stressing the psyche. These lifetimes have the same qualities as a potentially volatile repressed traumatic childhood memory that must be carefully handled so as not to blow out the chakras, or fragment the mind.


Under a Partial Lunar Eclipse - especially one that is as subtle and hidden as this one - we can request healing of these charged events or wounds and allow release without knowing why or what was involved. This is an amazing tool for transformation. WHY DWELL IN THE CONTENT or remain in the pain? The mind doesn't need to 'know'; the body, emotions and spirit can simply and easily release the old emotions - like a tear gently rolling down your face.


Also keep in mind that our current BELIEF SYSTEMS are wrapped up in past erroneous conclusions about life and ourselves that have a life of their own. Because this eclipse takes place across the Sagittarius/Gemini axis - which is the axis of mind, thinking, belief systems, knowledge and wisdom - we can also uproot thoughts and beliefs that limit our fullest expression. We truly ARE what we think (which is perhaps the Buddha's most fundamental teaching) "A belief is nothing more than a chronic pattern of thought, and you have the ability - if you try even a little bit - to begin a new pattern, to tell a new story, to achieve a different vibration, to change your point of attraction." - Abraham/Hicks. This is something that we can work with as this eclipse portal closes.


Partial Lunar Eclipses ask us to trust in the subtle movement of energy in the body and in the etheric field or aura of the body and to gently allow their shifting, while asleep, while dreaming, while meditating, with a subtle peace then overflowing us. (See the section on cicadas below for continuing thoughts on the subject of clearing and even celebrating! the past)


new saros



As mentioned above, this Tri-eclipse portal began on April 25 with a Partial Lunar Eclipse. What's interesting is that the April 25 opening eclipse was the very last eclipse that ENDED a Saros series. Meanwhile, the eclipse that closes the portal on May 25 will BEGIN a brand new Saros series!


What is a Saros series? Eclipses are grouped together in several different ways. For instance, they occur in "sets" of two or three eclipses. (We are currently ending a set of three). Eclipses have many other kinds of relationships as well. They even have families: every eclipse belongs to a series of similar eclipses that are 18 years and 11 days apart. This is called the Saros Cycle.




May 10, 2013 Annular Eclipse

The new Saros series emerging on May 25 is numbered Saros 150 (using van den Bergh numbering system); or Saros 15 South, using the Jansky naming system.


The birth of a new Saros is a rare event - kind of like the birth of a baby that will grow and mature for the next 1280 years! What's interesting is that we have seen TWO new Saros Series born in as many years - a new Saros also began on July 1, 2011 (see my newsletter on that subject: We really do live in times of extreme novelty!


Bernadette Brady, a renowned astrologer specializing in fixed stars and eclipses, had this to say about the July 1, 2011 Saros Birth: "Announcing the Birth of a New Saros Series: A new eclipses series is beginning! This is a rare event and it is a 'first' for me since I began watching eclipses (30 years now). This new series will run from 1st July 2011 for 1200 years and will not end until 3237. Indeed Saros Series are one of the long cycles that we have in astrology"


The Saros beginning on May 25, 2013 will start at the South Pole with one of the most imperceptible eclipses possible, then the Series will wind its way like a snake up toward the North Pole. In the middle of its journey, it will peak with a total eclipse on July 4, 2680. It will reach the North Pole after about 640 years; and then will wind back down to the South Pole when, on June 30, 3275, it will end with another imperceptible eclipse.  


As this portal ends, something wonderful begins. A fresh clean slate for us to write on. Which brings us to the Magi-cicada of Life. 






"Everything has its season, everything has its time. And for cicadas, the time is now. After living underground on the East Coast for 17 years, the insects - millions of them - are about to resurface in the Northeast United States. They'll be making plenty of noise ... and love. - CBS News report


As this eclipse portal closes, I wanted to mention the occurrence of periodical cicadas - tree grasshoppers - which will emerge this spring/summer in the Northeast United States (I live in Pennsylvania). I think it is applicable for all of us, since both Washington DC and New York City are in this location, and we know that these cities are pivotal for developments on a global scale.


What's fascinating about the cicadas is that their cycle is very similar in length to the eclipse cycle, which is approximately 18 years:


"Periodical cicadas mate on a 13 or 17 year cycle, depending on the brood. There are about twelve 17-year broods and three 13-year broods of periodical cicadas, each with different ranges, although the regions may overlap. In 2013, Brood II of the 17-year periodical cicadas - genus Magi-cicada - is emerging this spring across portions of eastern North America including Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia." (


What also made me take notice is that this particular 'brood' of cicadas are called genus Magi-cicada as mentioned above. The name lends itself to whimsy: Magi-cicada! Abracadra! Presto Chango! Poof! You have just manifested your heart's desire! It also puts me in mind of the MAGI, the wise astrologers/astronomers who sought the Light of the World and who helped guide humanity. Magic abounds! Welcome to the Summer of Love! 



And so Magi-cicada is a good word to describe the true energy of cicadas. Let's face it, they are not so pleasant to look at (click on the links below for pictures) But you can't tell a gift by it's cover! Cicada means Good News for us, in a time when it seems all is bad news.


 Cicadas are often mistaken for locusts (a pest), but they are unrelated to true locusts, which are various species of swarming grasshopper. The energy of the cicada (as creepy as this bug may seem) is anything but a "plague of locusts" as described in the Bible. Cicada's appearance brings gifts, joy, love and happiness from the past. The cicada's appearance always means a gift, an opportunity, or an offering that along with being surprising will also touch the heart with happiness.  In short, Cicada has a happy energy - similar to the energy of dolphins.  


"Cicada's appearance always reflects happiness from the past resurfacing within our lives. It brings a stirring of forgotten, child-like joy; the happy meeting of an old friend from the past; or the meeting of someone who will seem like an old friend to us." - Ted Andrews, 'Animal Wise'


With the presence of cicadas, the messages from the past may go as far back as past life experiences or memories. We've all experienced that moment of 'recognition' when we meet someone and immediately know them even though we've never met them (i.e. not in this lifetime). It's sometimes called a 'lightning bolt' moment and in this case, it's a very positive occurrence! These kinds of experiences could pop up for us now.  


In addition, the word cicada is onomatopoeic, i.e. it phonetically imitates the source of the sound that it describes. Thus, specific songs might trigger memories. You know how when you hear a song you haven't heard in a long time, all of a sudden it's like someone pushed a play button in your brain; you are swiftly taken back to a moment in time in your past that is so vivid it seems real. Dovetailing with our discussion of emotional clearing above, as the cicada appears, memories of the past are ripe for releasement so that we can then seek the sweetness of life. 


John Cooley, a researcher at the University of Connecticut who has studied the life cycle of cicadas for 20 years, tells a tale of how the cicadas live: cicadas "synchronize their development; they have these long life cycles.... They have been counting the seasons because they're down underground, feeding on the roots, and they're counting the number of times that it leafs out...And when you get to the right spring, they're monitoring the soil temperatures, and when the soil at about 8 inches in depth hits 64*F or so, out they go."


What a marvelous message to us - to keep count, to time our movement with the warmth of hospitable cycles. The cicada knows 'what time it is'; it knows when 'it is time'. We need to know when it is time also. Keep in mind that this is a looong cycle, so perhaps it isn't time yet? Or perhaps it is? 


Speaking of timing: think back to 1996. The eclipses right now already have us thinking back to this time, i.e. 1994 -1995, so the cycles are merging on this one, which is why I thought it was worth noting.


Here are some links with info on the Magi-cada brood of 2013, for further reading if you are interested: , , and 




beta scorpii


An important influence of this eclipse is its association with the fixed star Beta Scorpii. I.e although the May 25 eclipse is too slight to see, "the Full Moon passes very near Beta Scorpii. In fact, the Moon occults the famous double star as seen from the Southeast United States and parts of Latin America." (Guy Ottewell)


To get a feel for this area of the sky, check out my newsletter from Nov 13, 2012 Total Solar Eclipse over Australia ( That eclipse was conjunct the 'Eye of the Scorpion' (fixed star Dschubba) which is also on the head of the Scorpion, just as Beta Scorpii is. 



Beta Scorpio is also called GRAFFIAS (which means 'claws') or Acrab. Both names show an association with the crab, which was considered similar to the scorpion. Through a small telescope Beta Scorpii is seen as a classic double star. At a distance of 530 light years, the two stars take over 16,000 years to orbit each other.  


Here is a 42-second video of the visible binary star Graffias (Beta Scorpii)    


Upon closer examination, however, Beta Scorpii is wonderfully complex. First of all, Beta-1 has a tenth closer companion, only half a second of arc away. This suggests that Graffias is a triple star, not a binary star.


Then, Beta-1 proper (the brighter) is a "spectroscopic binary," the spectrum showing two stars in orbit with a period of 6.8 days. The separation a mere 0.001 seconds - closer than Mercury is from the Sun.


And finally, Beta-2 has a fainter companion a tenth of a second away from it.


In other words, Graffias is at least a quintuple star, and there are suggestions of more pieces!



All of the stars in the Beta system, except perhaps for the faint companion of Beta-2, are hot B stars, vividly showing their propensity for multiple births. The brightest/ chief star of the Beta-1 triple, is over 20,000 times brighter than our Sun. Scorpius and its neighboring constellations are filled with stars like these.


"What a sight it would be from an "earth" orbiting Beta-1 and its two companions, say at 150 astronomical units where we could survive. We would have a triple Sun, and off in the distance the double Beta-2 would shine 50 times brighter than our full Moon." - Jim Kaler 


Because it is close to the ecliptic, Beta Scorpii can be occulted (i.e. eclipsed) by the Moon (which is what is happening on May 25). And, very rarely, it can be occulted by planets. The last occultation by a planet took place on May 13, 1971, by Jupiter. Thus, some of what we know of the system came from this rare eclipse of Beta Scorpii by Jupiter.  


I felt that it was important to bring up Beta Scorpii in this newsletter, even though it makes it even longer! The reason is because this star shows us how amazingly complex and fertile the seeming dualities or hybrids of our dimension are. In other words we don't know the half of it! or the quintuple of it!  


You might want to send your consciousness to Beta Scorpii and open up to the Hybrid mysteries of life in a polarized reality. Just do so with caution as the energy of Scorpio can be intense. In 'Starlight Elixirs & Cosmic Vibrational Healing' by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfield, they associate it with "times of emotional stress and difficulty within families" especially between parents and teenagers, or in times of illness (p. 152-153) Of course (and why are we surprised) this corresponds to the emotional releasing process of this eclipse. Not much is known about the energetic quality of this particular quintuple star system. You might be the one to shed light on the consciousness held there. Thanks in advance:) 


Some key years to look back on in reference to this are 1971 - 1976, when Jupiter opened up the lens to our understanding of this intense and fascinating multi-dimensional space. Scorpio is our deepest self. Our deepest self is just as multi-dimensional. With this eclipse we are integrating more of our dimensions.  




Partial Eclipse

May 10, 2013

Rob Kaufman

Bright, Victoria, Australia 



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