December 28, 2012: Earth’s Crystal Power Grid Turned On!

 As we send Energies to All the Kingdoms Today, at 3:00pm est. Focus on sending PEACE & LOVE TO ALL SITUATIONS OF ANYTHING OUT OF BALANCE! Namaste...

December 28, 2012: Earth’s Crystal Power Grid Turned On!

Courtesy of Diane Robbins
 Deep inside the Himalayan Valley, are 33 great chambers configured with sacred tunnels and passageways that connect each chamber. These chambers are composed of sacred geometry using lightening rods of electronic and magnetic force.

The walls and ceilings are made of platinum, gold and lapis lazuli and lined with crystalline pods 4 1/2 inches in diameter. There are 144 million crystalline pods in rows and columns.

This is the UNIVERSAL BREAKER ROOM for our planet. These 144 million crystalline pods in 33 chambers are all connected to form a sacred geometry. This is the Universal Power Grid that connects with the Powers of Nature, Forces of the Elements, Great Forest Kingdom, Great Ocean Kingdom, Prairies where food is grown, the Atmosphere of Earth and the Inner Structure of Earth that uses the Universal Flower of Life blueprint in which electronic and electro-magnetic lines of force pass through every crystalline pod.

The Gods of Earth had to turn off 63% of these crystal pods because of wars and destructive technology on the planet.


This has been decreed by the Goddess of Venus. The Lords of the Flames of Venus will stand around the Himalayan Valley so that destructive forces can never gain access.

All lines of force on our planet will be reconnected and all sacred geometries and sacred sites will be activated to release the Divine Plan of the 7th Golden Crystal Age to turn the Light back on to this planet.

The above information is taken from a transmission given by the Goddess Himalaya (who has been protecting these crystal chambers) to the Radiant Rose Academy on November 9th 2012 through Usa, their Accredited Messenger.

© Copyright Radiant Rose Academy   Vancouver, Canada

(Summarized and transcribed by Dianne Robbins, student of the Radiant Rose Academy)


Dianne Robbins

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