24 Hour Window of Abundance May 6th IST Be Energized With Material Abundance and Royalty Thinking


Akshaya Tritiya

Carpe Diem

Only 24 hours Seize the day! The power of this day only comes around 1 time per year and for only 24 hours. Just as when it is a beautiful day outside that offers more choices for your day's activities, this is a beautiful planetary confluence that offers the perfect conditions for your wealth and power.

If your frame of mind is cluttered, distracted and preoccupied with thoughts, you could miss this time and the benefits that it brings. It is the right day to purchase Gold and to shift your thoughts to those of Royalty and Power.

The Window of Abundance

Aries The ancients of India were specialists in observing the influences of energy patterns and could determine them as being supportive or un-supportive for daily life activities.

The Sun is now in Aries, until May 15th. Astrologers call this position as being 'exalted'. Other scientists call it as having a high EMF or emitting a fully beneficial electro-magnetic field.

Three days after its New Moon phase, the Moon is in the 3rd Waxing Moon phase and it is aligned with the constellation of Taurus, and more specifically, Sirius the Dog Star, called Rohini in Sanskrit. Rohini is the brightest star in our galaxy and has a power of its own.

When the combination of the beneficial Sun, this 3rd phase Moon and the Moon's crossing of the Rohini Star occurs, a highly auspicious confluence of energy emerges that is known as Akshaya Tritiya. This 24 hour window of time energizes the Earth with material abundance and royalty consciousness.

May 6th is The Window of Abundance known as Akshaya Tritiya.


This day is made stronger with the influence of some other very significant planetary positions:
  • It is a Friday which is ruled by the planet Venus, the signifier of beauty, wealth and power. Maha Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity is the Overlord of this planet and day.
  • Jupiter is ruling in His own house of Pisces. He is planet that gives all and guarantees prosperity.
  • Mars is also in Aries and is exalted meaning that he has maximum beneficial influences. He is the planet that gives courage and can conquer all.
It is the Moon that acts as a funnel to bring all of these cosmic energies to Earth to be utilized in your life.

The Gala Event - May 6th IST

The Gala Event - May 6th IST

This gala festival is being held in a large, outdoor, event ground that will be open to the public to participate.

'Gaja', 'ashwa' and 'go' or rather an elephant, horse and cows are being honoured center stage at our Akshaya Tritiya celebrations. These are not just incredible animals but they symbolize royalty, power, energy, love and abundance.

The elephant is representative of the planet Jupiter, the horse represents Mars and the cow represents Venus.

An elaborate Fire Ritual for Sundara Mahalakshmi along with several poojas for abundance will be performed by 9 priests and will necessitate truck loads of pooja materials to be transported to the ritual grounds.

Tip to Investors
It is the day to commence a bull run for the year. On this day people buy Gold and Silver as it is believed that value will multiply when bought on this day.

This is the only day that we can receive the multiple blessings of the Divine, from our Ancestors and all living beings to whom we give offerings and donations.

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