2011, June 9 Summary for Thursday / Mother Sekhmet

Hard News:

•  Stephanie Miller:  need to focus on bigger things and not on the distractions aka “schmeckels and hoo-haws”. Criminals who've been in power are losing it faster than we can keep up with the news


• Miracles: Rama had no idea how to pay Tara's phone bill on Wed; their friend the homeless lady gave him $40.00


•  Anthony, Newt are just distractions; we are on the edge, between the 3 eclipses; Sirian Commander doing all he can to line up all the ducks for full disclosure


•  We take for granted the freedom to talk on Skype, for example, but are not addressing loss of habeas corpus and other civil liberties;


•  Amy Goodman  on Democracy Now is presenting - for the first time – guests who speak of topics such as  Area 51


•  On 2013 website, an article about

(1) a whistleblower who squealed on the Bilderbergers; a former economic hit man like John Perkins 

(2) D Strauss Kahn – there are plans to bring the witness to the stand; her psyche is already damaged


•  Black Pope has been indicted with ± 45 crimes against humanity, including human sacrifice

Bernie Sanders on Thom Hartman's show: criminality of events in Congress; all the distractions, and talk only of “schmeckels and who haws”


•  The Bill Press show discussed that this goes back before Reagan and JFK; the Club of Rome was created by the Kennedys to take back the country – the reason for killing all the Kennedys


•  On radio station Native American Calling, an elder of the Oglala Nation spoke the Koch Bros who want to do fracking in the Midwest, from Canada to OK City across to Illinois – under the Oglala Aquifer. The process affects both the level and quality of water wherever the gas or oil pipelines are laid. An ad on Free Speech says Hillary has authorized the process


As of midnight, June 9th, there will be a new kind of programming on radio.  

Check out LinkTV, Free SpeechTV – as we listen to full disclosure, we'll be listening to 9/11


•  Iraqi Dinar: in answer to caller questions, yes, the soldiers did get vouchers

            •  Many say they could cash in June 10th; are there arrests that have happened that we don't know       about??

            •  Karl Rove about to be arrested; Hillary coming down on so many fronts, like aiding and abetting                     the military to kill protestors in the street of Yemen.

            •  Pawlenty has advocated child labour in Michigan     

            •  All the governors take orders from Koch brothers who are building pipelines under US aquifers      & want to build a pipeline across Costa Rica to destroy food production on entire island

            •  These people going to go to The Hague for ecocide, genocide; send all love for even the ugliest       of stories.


•  Tara references     The Kybalion: A Study of the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt & Greece

                        by Three Initiates.  [Available on line under “The Kybalian”]

            Updates references in table of contents with names, topics we discuss today – eg St. Germain, LM     Nada, inter dimensionality


•  In essence, Weiner's issues are being fanned by Hillary, whose marching orders are from Koch Bros.  She is enabling the fracking.  See movie The Last Mountain - as important as The Inside Job


•  Newt Gingerich – 16 major staff members quit; campaign dead before they left on Greek cruise

Nov 2, 1997 – one of the ancient reptilian brothers, he was a spokesman for dark ones; killed and cloned then; lost seat in Senate because was going to claim the entire farm claims for himself


 • Msg Balducci [on the FastWalker video] is official exorcist for the Vatican. The Vatican has two banks:  the Vatican bank and the New Madrid bank in Spain . Hedge fund managers for France and the Vatican were murdered.


Some of Mother's points:

•  Stargates opening at an extra ordinary rate.

• These are moments of intense purification, transformation: we are becoming the gods and goddesses we are; sexgate has to come up in order for it to heal.


 • Stargates opening at an extra ordinary rate

• These ones thrive on high drama and the drama is unfolding; they are bones of contention since we seem to be having issues with “schmeckels and hoo-haws”!

• The DC madam is not gone, very much alive, and all the black book stories have to come out now


 • www. blackfault.com – has to do with the air force manual that preceded NORAD

            - Hillary behind the 1994 shut down of NORAD for 45 minutes – first attempt at a 9/11 kind of         event, a plan for an earthquake

            - 1993 - assassination of Vince Foster, her lover

            - 1994 - organized the killing of 86 human beings in Waco, TX

            - 2008, Nov 2 - BO as President Elect, ordered the execution of Hillary for what she did

            - Hearing of the extra ordinary renditions, carried out by Syria on behalf of US, thanks to Hillary;   today they heard about an 11 year old tortured to death with broken neck, leg and burns all over             his body; another who was 15


 • Importance of all the dates between June 1st and July 1st

            1st -15th – first solar eclipse partial; return of shuttle with all kind of

            15th - lunar eclipse

            16th, 17th

            18th - exactly 2 months to August Harmonic Convergence [Aug 18th = 2014]

            20th – US Independence Day

            July 1st – solar eclipse, new moon on Canada Day


• Moving from physical sciences to spiritual science

• Barbara Walters defended Anthony Weiner, saying he should stay. [What is happening is a direct hit by Hillary].  56% of his constituents want him to stay.

• Intense issues in Syria, Bahrain, Gaza – borders being opened by Egypt which is allowing all to enter equally; ignoring Hillary's idea about rules for who is allowed in

• A flotilla of ships is coming in to Gaza; Iran is going to accompany those ships


• So many leakings [of information] from cosmic warriors; no accident; the magic of us achieving the ascension frequencies; we are becoming the god men, god women we are – all of our stuff is coming up to be healed – sometimes we feel as if we're going crazy!

• We are warriors of peace and there is a peaceful revolution coming about


• Go to freespeechtv – watch the Stream: they communicate all over the world – young people, Indigo Crystals 20 – 30 years old; they speak of what it is like to be in Syria and they show what they have to experience in daily life


• Changeover in terms of currency: there will be deliveries for everyone; each will have her/his own different instructions. St. G is the only one with the authority to discuss this.

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