On March 14, 2015, we were taken by the hand of an angel and gently walked into a six-day experience that will quite simply redefine and change everything. The angel that initiated us into the sequence of events to take place between the 14th and the 20th of March was the angel of Pi. March 14, 2015, transpired to be a rare and most significant Pi Day, as it only occurs once in a hundred years. Pi Day, 2015, released a specific frequency in the form of the 'language of God', into awakened consciousness. The download of this higher frequency was to be the first of a divine sequence of major cosmological events to unfold over what can only be described as the most significant six day period on the timeline of humanity.




March 16 and 17 marked the seventh and final exact square of Uranus/Pluto, a phenomenon that is both revolutionary and evolutionary. The Great Call of these celestial gods is for us to evolve and do so rapidly. The Uranus-Pluto square window of June 2012 to March 2015 has asked that evolution occurs through re-evolution, "evolving by choice, not by chance" as Barbara Marx Hubbard. And, even though the influence of both of these planets in a square aspect can feel tense and uncomfortable, it is vital that we choose to respond and not react to the relentless challenges we face. 




The final square of Uranus and Pluto became effective on March 11, 2015 and will conclude on March 28, 2015. The seven squares of Uranus-Pluto herald great change and transformation for both the individual and the Collective. An astrological 'square' is a 90-degree aspect between two planets. It can be viewed as creating conflict albeit the type that ultimately brings golden opportunities for an awakening of consciousness. When revolutionary Uranus squares evolutionary Pluto, the fundamental purpose is to uncompromisingly sweep away outmoded patterns, conditioning and defences, and replace them with all that is new - they literally rebirth a new way of living. There are two analogies I sit with as I write this. One is the cracking and smashing open of the matrix in order to activate the heart of the collective that has been hidden away in its centre. The second is, the cracking and smashing open of the matrix in order to energetically remove those awakened ones whose higher purpose is to co-create and populate the new paradigm - The New Earth. However, many awakened ones will remain deep within the matrix working mostly undercover to help the reawakening from the inside out. The results of this will become evident from 2045 onwards when Uranus and Pluto meet again in opposition. 


The seven Uranus/Pluto squares began in June 2012 and conclude in March 2015. The next major Uranus-Pluto meeting will be in 2045 when they oppose each other. When these two planets aspect each other in either square, trine, opposition or conjunction, it is always an event akin to a sequence of earthquakes followed by tsunamis of overpowering and overwhelming evolutionary impulses that shake us to the very core and sweep us along on a powerful evolutionary tide. We have no control over this in terms of where it wants to take and place us within ourselves and as a Collective. The square is considered to be the most challenging of all aspects bringing with it extreme tests and intense challenges but also the most profound opportunities for growth and liberation. 



Uranus represents the unpredictable, the unexpected, the shocking and rapid and accelerated change. It brings everything of a groundbreaking nature, including advanced technology. It represents freedom, the humanitarian, advanced abilities for communication, higher awareness and revolution. It is a live, electrical dynamic energy for transformation. It also represents chaos, truth, invention and futurism. 



Pluto represents evolution, the dark underbelly, uncompromising truth, destruction, transformation, death, rebirth, plutonic power that can move mountains, ruthlessness, explosiveness and laser perception. It exposes the psychological shadowlands, the hidden and the secret. It is our indomitable spirit, willpower, and the transcendence of the personal will. Pluto also represents regeneration and redemption.


When Uranus and Pluto square to each other, the result is wide-ranging and unprecedented change at a personal, political, religious and social level.




At an external level, evidence of the Uranus-Pluto square can be seen across the world. The past thirty-six months have borne witness to global uprisings, revolutions and expose on an unprecedented scale. 2012 initiated us into the age of conscious evolution and since then the shadow of humanity has risen to the surface of our awareness more so than at any other time. We have been confronted with the shocking practices of barbaric regimes, the hidden agendas of global government, the shadowy conduct of high profile individuals; including royalty, politicians and celebrities, as well as the murky expose of established media institutions. At the same time, awakened humanity has taken an unprecedented evolutionary leap towards empowerment. This can be seen at an ever expanding grassroots level (freedom fighting Uranus), and is evident in the peace-making-keeping, the revolutionary and the socially conscious and increasingly empowered human race (Pluto), groundbreaking (Uranian) technological advances and organic solutions with a focus on protection and preservation rather than profit and destruction. 




When the celestial bodies of Uranus and Pluto come together, it is ultimately for the purpose of social and cultural evolution and revolution and the introduction of cutting-edge technologies that serve the greater good of humanity and nature. The seven Uranus/Pluto squares have served as a challenging yet rare evolutionary trajectory of such proportions that the dark underbelly of humanity is now exposed. This allows for personal and global transformation from an old to new paradigm. 




In terms of revelation, and the anchoring in of who we truly are as conscious and awakened beings, we have finally arrived in the future as our future selves. The same can be said of a future humanity and a future world. The future is right here right now. 2012 was the tipping point into a new phase and the rising of a new humanity. 




This final square between the planetary powerhouses Uranus and Pluto, closes the door on a three-year process that has been nothing less than an uncompromising stripping to the core, a breaking down (Pluto), in order to breakthrough (Uranus), a total deconstructing of the hut that ego built to instead build the palace of the Self. Recently, astrologer Sarah Varcas likened the Uranus/Pluto energy to that of a "wrecking ball" which is so incredibly apt. Upon reading her interpretation, I was immediately struck by an image of a ten ton 'medicine ball' which is how I would sum up the effect of these two planetary heavyweights on both the individual and collective psyche. 


Let us imagine for a moment that the Self is encapsulated in a thick concrete casing which represents the ego. This almost impenetrable defense, holds safe, yet hidden, the truth of who we really are. Enter the seventh Uranus/Pluto square which acts like a ten ton medicine ball smashing into the encasement and slowly but surely breaking it down until it cracks wide open to reveal the true Self - whole, unbroken, full of potential, and entirely aligned to higher purpose.




This is the gift of the seven Uranus/Pluto exact squares; seven ominous wrecking balls - seven auspicious medicine balls. We can see the impact of the seven squares in the world. The same collective casing hiding within it the pearl of a conscious and unified humanity. An encasement around the collective psyche that has also been uncompromisingly broken down to reveal hidden truths and expose the dark underbelly (Pluto) of the shadow that exists within global society. Each square has issued a warning and a clarion call to humanity asking that we wake up to what is going on at every level and in every arena of the world; human rights, politics, elitist ruling systems etc … and, what has been exposed is shocking (Uranus), murky and dark (Pluto). 




An instrumental part of the purpose of the Uranus-Pluto squares has been to expose, reveal, bring to the knees, reform, awaken and transform on both a personal and global level. It may be that we have been pulled to acknowledge and address the dark underbelly of our own psyche, to confront all that is untrue about ourselves, and experience the tsunami wave of Pluto's uncompromising cleansing. Or, maybe, we have had to realize and facilitate the necessity for us to establish right relationship with ourselves and each other, to become fully empowered (Pluto) at both a masculine and feminine (inner and outer) level. We may have heard the call to dare to be seen and heard as the unique and higher truth (Uranus) of who we truly are as awakened beings on Earth, or, we may finally and fully comprehend and then act upon the fact that we are incarnate for the very specific purpose of co-creating as new humans, a new Earth. Whatever our experience, these seven squares of Uranus-Pluto will first wreck us and then administer the exact and precise medicine we need to rise like the phoenix from the ashes.




With the final swing of the wrecking ball/medicine ball, the casing that had hidden us from who we really are will crumble to reveal our pure and glorious true selves. At this point, we find ourselves asking 'Where to from here?'. Where indeed. We are literally breaking new ground. The way forward will become clearer from March 20, 2015, in the grand finale of these six potentized days in the wake of a new moon eclipse and the equinox which fall on the same day. From the personal to the global, this is the end point of an unprecedentedly intense and revelatory three-year initiation that takes those of us who are ready out of the old and into the new during this final and most significant seventh Uranus and Pluto square. 


PLUTO'S SIGNATURE - "Demanding that a cycle end and a new one begins, Pluto leaves us with little choice other than to change or die." Howard Sasportas.


For three years we have found ourselves swept along by an evolutionary wave that has felt totally outside of our control. We have undergone a barrage of unexpected and extreme circumstances of unprecedented proportions that have left us with nowhere to hide or to run to as we buckled under the unrelenting evolutionary call of Pluto. Pluto has not merely put out a call but has stood before us like an obsessional drill sergeant commanding us through tough love whilst, at the same time, bellowing at the top of his voice for us to WAKE UP! 


Pluto's intensity has never been felt more profoundly than in these past three years, both at a personal and a collective level. He has refused to leave our sides for a moment and has been there to pick us up at every fall (and there have been many) to push us to the point of no return so we take an evolutionary leap in our own journey of consciousness. Pluto is the hardest and most enlightened task master of all the celestial bodies and against all odds, in sunshine and hail, blizzards and snowstorms, he has driven us relentlessly to the top of the mountain and the breakthrough.


Pluto has radically, uncompromisingly and unceremoniously kicked us out of our comfort zones into total uncertainty in his quest to fulfill a divine mission of the highest order! While being ejected from the known and into the unknown there has always been an unquestionable knowing that the wings of evolution would carry us through one of the most relentless, testing, profound and transformational initiations of our lives. 


THE SIGNATURE OF URANUS - "Let the future tell the truth." Nikola Tesla


Uranus has knocked us sideways. It has come seemingly out of nowhere to take us on a roller-coaster ride that has moved so dizzyingly fast, with so many highs and lows to spin us at the speed of light. We have been rocked by the unexpected, the unplanned, and the break down of all that was familiar so we are prepared to be taken to its ultimate destination - The Uranian Age, The Age of Aquarius. This is where Uranus will shine as the ruler of this new age. Nothing will be the same, everything will change. There are no slow burners or scenic routes with Uranus, he wants us here and there NOW! The Uranian Age is the age of the New Human and the New Earth and those of us who are called to be the first to co-create this new and exciting Uranian epoch will feel the influence of the coming days acutely. So expect the unexpected; be prepared for the most intense and accelerated final part of this three year ride. Expect all manner of physical symptoms in the next days ranging from dizziness, sweating, feeling freezing cold, swollen glands, insomnia, nausea, headaches, buzzing/tingling throughout the body, hearing problems, shaking, sudden wipe out, bizarre circuitry symptoms which culminate in odd swellings in random parts of the body, palpitations, intense bloating, a sense of feeling 'wired' - you are literally being hardwired into the Uranian circuit!




Pluto is the great evolutionary and Uranus, the great awakener. In order for us to awaken more fully to the truth of who we are and to understand just why we are really here, we have had to undergo a process of such unthinkable magnitude and unimaginable proportions so we can experience the lowest of lows and touch upon the highest of the highs. These two masters of the cosmos have been uncompromising in the absence of a choice in letting go of the past and preparing us for a future so dazzlingly, intoxicatingly profound in which we are totally transformed.


These two planetary giants have battered, bruised, dissolved and bemused us. They have imposed and exposed, enlightened and transformed us, over and over again, as they forced us to go 'once more into the breach' on our Plutonian/Uranian journey. The door closes to the past with the parting of the ways of these two astronomical legends in terms of this cosmic square they have been engaged in for the past three years. Their parting gift is to graciously fling open wide the door to the future that is now upon us. Pluto kicks the door closed to the past that bids farewell to the Age of Pisces and Uranus flings open wide the door to The Uranian Age (the Age of Aquarius). The new epoch with a new consciousness is upon us. We have arrived. 


This final Uranus/Pluto square is an end and a beginning. 


Next … March 20, 2015. Watch this space!


Plutonian - Uranian Love


Nicolya ♥♥

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