11:11 GATEWAY - 11th November 2016

11:11 calls you to your spiritual truth. It is a message from the Divine to demonstrate the higher workings of the universe, the Greater Plan for your Soul's journey.

It shows you that your ego is not the expanse of who you are, and that your limited mind cannot understand, or plan for, the over-arching spiritual trajectory of your Soul's intention.

Your Soul has an intention to remember It-Self, and to download this Light-Source to your energy bodies.

Put more simply: you are more than a physical body, some beliefs and thoughts, a mind, and a 3rd-dimensional experience. You have an intangible, arcane and unlimited energy field that is connected intrinsically to a multi-layered, multi-dimensional Higher - all-creative, all-loving, all-healing - power.

11:11 brings unparalleled opportunity for soul growth to the seeker of universal truths.

It is a portal; a window; a gateway - through which higher frequency light streams can be poured into your chakra centres, and touch you in whichever ways are most appropriate for your stage of soul growth.

Often, around and on 11:11, there is an increase in synchronicity and 'coincidence' delivered by the Universe. Leading up to this time, specific soul contracts will come into your life, such as certain people, events, learning experiences, healing opportunities. Some of these contracts can feel uncomfortable, as they bring up emotions that have been long-buried, and stretch your capacity for moving past your limiting belief systems, and/or negative thoughts.

The Universe has a pure intention to raise your vibration to a note that chimes with the highest template - reverberating through the universal energy grids and augmenting the Light quotient of Whole. This brings much-needed healing, balance, restorative sacred feminine energy, higher consciousness of love, evolved wisdom and truths to the Earth's aura.

Naturally, when the Earth's aura is flooded with these divine essences, humanity begins to 'awaken' to the sacred truth of divinity within human experience.

This propels the Heart Centre to take precedence over the ego - which is invested in fear-based choices and creates limited outcomes - and to drive consciousness higher and higher; into uplifted, miraculous, intuitive and tuned-in impulses to serve the Whole.

You are a part of a group of Souls whose choice in this lifetime is to rapidly evolve. 11:11 is important for you as it is showing you the next transition along this pathway. Take time to meditate and listen to where you are being asked to surrender to your Higher Self's infinite wisdom and knowledge of your Path.

What comes into your awareness today, or on the days surrounding 11:11?

Feel your Heart Centre swelling and expanding into the vastness of Love that is here for you. Know that you are deeply and eternally supported in spiritual growth, and your service to the Divine.

If you are feeling blocked and fearful, ask that the Light Codes of 11:11 dissolve your fears and give you clear guidance for your most healing, positive next steps. Your fears are surfacing for a reason: to be faced, acknowledged, witnessed with love and surrendered. Your Soul deeply wishes to help you move past your fears, and into a life that reflects the power, beauty and majesty of your Light.

11:11 is a magical gateway of pure potentiality. It is your Soul's voice calling to you. Grow, grow, grow. Expand, expand, expand. There are no limits. There are no blocks in the way. You are free to be the radiance that you are. Choose to be powerful, and to express the love that vibrates through your Being.

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