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The Sun is changing taken about 11 AM

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Stargate SG1 Thor's Hammer

Whilst exploring CimmeriaTeal'c and Colonel Jack O'Neill are transported to a…


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People Of Earth

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Coming To Earth

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The Pledge

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Emerald Tablets of THOTH

The history of the tablets is beyond the belief of modern scientists. Their antiquity is stupendous, dating back some 36,000 years B.C. The writer is Thoth, an Atlantean Priest-King, who founded a colony in ancient Egypt after the sinking of the mother country. He was the builder of the Great Pyramid of Giza & incorporated his knowledge of the ancient wisdom and also securely secreted records and instruments of ancient Atlantis. For some 16,000 years, he ruled the ancient race of…


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My Tribute To Susan

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Zoroaster (also known as Zarathustra) was an important religious figure in ancient Persia

Zoroaster, also called Zarathustra, was an ancient Persian prophet who founded the first world religion - Zoroastrianism.

According to the 'Zend Avesta', the sacred book of Zoroastrianism, he was born in Azerbaijan, in northern Persia, probably in the seventh century BC, although some scholars put the time-frame for Zoroaster much earlier.

He is said to have received a vision from Ahura Mazda, the Wise Lord, who appointed him to preach the truth. Zoroaster…


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Cosmic Consciousness Weekly For the week of October 23 - 29, 2017:

Welcome to the heart of the via combusta, the alchemical fire of transmutation that completely changes everything, elevating our reality to a higher frequency, if we can allow it. Our entire lower 4 body system has been newly re-calibrated and aligned, and that unified holistic system now becomes the gateway to higher consciousness. This week marks a significant turning point in the awakening of a higher vision. We're shifting gears and manifesting from a…


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American Made

Guns. Drugs. Money laundering. Based on the outrageous (and real) exploits of a hustler and pilot unexpectedly recruited by the CIA to run one of the biggest covert operations in U.S. history. Barry Seal was just an ordinary pilot who worked for TWA before he was recruited by the CIA in 1978. His work in South America eventually caught the eye of the Medellín Cartel associated with Pablo Escobar who needed a man with his skill set. Barry became a drug trafficker gun smuggler and…


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What’s wrong with gun laws in the United States, by Barack Obama

President Obama answered a question about gun policy following PBS NewsHour’s town hall on June 1 in Elkhart, Indiana.

In the audience, a man asked Obama why he and Hillary Clinton are trying to restrict gun manufacturers and owners from buying guns. The man even mentions that Chicago (Barack Obama’s hometown) has one of the highest murder rates and, while at the same time, some of the strictest gun laws in the nation.

Obama disagreed with the notion, and argued that there is…


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What happened in Las Vegas? (The Spiritual Perspective)

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Please explain to me how a 64-year-old accountant with absolutely no firearms training, no gun experience and no physical stamina was somehow able to expertly wield a highly complex (and physically demanding) weapon system for 10 sustained minutes. Even highly trained Navy Seals would have a difficult time running a full auto weapon for 10 minutes straight. Such weapon systems are brutal on the operator. They require tremendous strength, stamina and expert troubleshooting to keep running.…


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"The Volunteers" Legends of the 21st century Humans

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30 years ago Donald Trump received $3 for his NFL anti-trust suit


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