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We established contacts with President Obama and other authorities to figure out how to be of further assistance to you and how to announce disclosure on your world.

Thursday, May 31, 2012Saint Germain ~~ About Disclosure and the Landings ~~ 31/05/2012 Channeled through Méline Lafont

Dear Ones,
We come with breaking news! I, Saint Germain and the Arcturians are at liberty to inform you…

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Bruce Springsteen Calls Bankers ‘Greedy Thieves’

Bruce Springsteen touched on a nerve of widespread discontent with the financiers and bankers at a Berlin concert on Wednesday, railing against them as “greedy thieves” and “robber barons.”

Agencies, The Daily Telegraph, UK – May 30, 2012

Springsteen, who has long championed populist causes, played to a sold-out crowd at Berlin’s Olympic Stadium, singing from his album “Wrecking Ball” and speaking about…


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Charles Taylor Sentenced: Judge Gives Former Liberian President 50 Years In Jail

Charles Taylor Sentenced

By MIKE CORDER 05/30/12 11:18 AM ET AP

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and Venus Transit - Children of the Sun

sacred fire love

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I think by now most people will have become aware that we are passing through a very powerful series of Energy…


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Soul Groups, Soul Fragments, Soul Aspects?  Soul Group Completion = Ascension


Greetings, Starseeds, Shamans, Light-Beings, Lightworkers,

Contactees, Wanderers, as well as Crystals and Indigos!

If you are indeed "here," you need to begin your Mission Now

Join Project: Eagle…


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Charles Ferguson's 'Predator Nation: Corporate Criminals, Political Corruption, and the Hijacking of America'

AlterNet Executive Editor Don Hazen talks to Ferguson, the Academy Award winner for "Inside Job," about his new book on the rapid rise of "Oligarchy America."
May 29, 2012  |  …

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Kyle Lagow Bank Of America Lawsuit: Whistleblower Receives $14.5 Million In Mortgage Case

Kyle Lagow Bank Of America Lawsuit

Reuters | Posted: 05/29/2012 7:23 pm Updated: 05/29/2012 8:44 pm…

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Dolphin Dreaming Meditation

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The Pleiadian High Council: You are Catapulting Toward Your Goals in Increased Acceleration

As channeled through Wes Annac – May 29, 2012

The most potent of alignments has just been reached on the surface of your world (1), and suffice to say we had very much to do with the energy sent to your world and through your bodies from these alignments.

We participated along with innumerable amounts of ascended beings in this wonderful beaming of energy through your Sun and your moon, onto the surface…


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WikiLeaks’ Assange Loses Sweden Extradition Appeal

AFP Reporters, The Local, Sweden – May 30, 2012

Julian Assange lost his last ditch legal effort to avoid extradition to Sweden to face sex crimes accusations as the UK Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected an appeal by the WikiLeaks founder of a lower court ruling.

According to the court’s 5-2 ruling, the Swedish prosecution authority which issued the warrant for his arrest is…


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AA Michael on Obama, Bill Brockbrader, Lightworkers

An Hour with an Angel with Archangel Michael, Monday, May 28, 2012

2012 MAY 27, Posted by Steve Beckow…


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Between Dimensions – Activation of the Super Quantum Fields, Higher Self and the Lightbody

By Judith Kusel

May 29, 2012

Originally posted via Judith’s Facebook pa ge

Dimensions are FREQUENCY BANDS, which all life vibrates on. It is tube-like and with each link one goes up higher and higher on the evolutionary scale – yet with every 7th level, there is a pause – so that one has to gather momentum to step past that portal, and then straight into the 8th and 9th…


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Vatican Denies Senior Cardinal is ‘VatiLeaks’ Whistleblower

Stephen: Hot on the heals of the arrest of the head of the Vatican Bank comes more scandal from inside the Catholic church’s historic…


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UFOnauts: many shapes, sizes, and colors

It should come as no surprise to anyone that has been in the UFO arena for any amount of time that there are a myriad of UFO occupants that have been encountered by many people all throughout the world. One thing that can be said for sure is that they certainly don't all fall into the “Gray Alien” meme that has become so popular in our culture. As I've noted in previous posts (…


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Leveson intruder David Lawley Wakelin had heckled Tony Blair before on Question Time

The protester who interrupted the Leveson Inquiry to call Tony Blair a "war criminal" is a freelance documentary maker who once did…


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Truths most Americans are oblivious to...

I've known most of this for years and I hope you receive this information with an open mind and heart even though it may anger you at first. The truth needs to be told. Think about these things as you celebrate Memorial Day. Please read the book "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" if you can. Your eyes will really be opened then.
Sent: 5/27/2012 8:32:20 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time

Subj: [TheEnlightenedOnes] Fwd: [the_peoples_union] Fwd: [AmeriConscience] Truths…

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BP Cover-up 'They Knew.' Part 1, Thursday, April 19, 2012

by Greg Palast – Exclusive for…


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Message from Montague Keen - May 27, 2012


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Bush Convicted of War Crimes at Tribunal

More at The Real News

Francis Boyle: Judgement at Indonesian hearing may help push case at ICC;

Obama in violation for not pursuing…


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