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Sibel Edmonds on NATO, Terrorism, 9/11 and Drug


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Money for Nothin’ Writing Checks for Free

Money for Nothin’ 

Writing Checks for Free

William H. Gross

[Bill Gross is the founder of PIMCO the world's largest trader of bonds - AK]
It was Milton Friedman, not Ben Bernanke, who first made reference to dropping money from helicopters in order to prevent deflation. Bernanke’s now…

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Queen Beatrix Steps Down

(CNN) -- Queen Beatrix spent 33 years on the throne and will be succeeded by her son, the Prince of Orange, Prince Willem-Alexander.

She ascended to the throne when Queen Juliana abdicated on her 71st birthday, on April 30, 1980. Beatrix announced Monday that she will step…


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World's Oldest Authentic Map of Atlantis

Why Can't WE SEE all the Stuff that's in the Vatican Library?!!!???? Cindy

Video Here:…


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National Farmers Union in Solidarity with Idle No More !

www.nfu.ca/themes/nfu_theme/images/topimages/2plant-b.jpg" />

(I remember when Tara mentioned that it would be the FARMERS who bring Down MONSANTO! Godspeed!;)  ~ Cindy…


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New Segment of Little Known Stories of Space Friends BBS Radio Thursday Evening 1-24-2012


Dear Friends -

It is with great Joy to inform you that I have been invited to once again share on

BBS Radio, tomorrow night, Thursday - January 24th.

It is a wonderful & humble honor to once more be…


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Second Ashtar Call of the Golden Age! with Guest Speaker St Germain!!

Second Ashtar Call of the Golden Age!…

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Interview with Mehran T. Keshe on January 13th 2013 .

Keyvan Davani ´s first interview with the Founder of the Keshe Foundation, the Creator and Teacher of the Revolutionary-Evolutionary Plasma Technology and the New Principles of Physics on Mother Earth and in the Universe(s): Mehran T. Keshe.…


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Assembly of seven Maha Rishis held a conference in the oval office with President Obama Beℒღ√ℯd St-Germain.

Rishis in the White House: Cosmic Peace Conference 2012

by Ananda Press

At 1:08 pm today an

and Vice President Biden. Those in attendance included Pan
tajali- the father…


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'The Goddess Returns


Peace and blessings - I call forth greater Divine Assistance for all of us, including this household!  Be blessed!!!…

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Shifting into 2013 – The Big Squeeze Is On

For about 80,000 years (give or take), this planet has been “infected with darkness,” an infection that continued to grow and grow, encircling the planet in layers of darkness. The beings that thrived in this darkness called themselves Archons, but I call them ankle-biters instead. Please see the “…


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Little Known Stories of our Space Visitors

Have been on BBS Radio sharing some interesting & little known  Space Visitor stories

with listeners of the show.  http://www.bbsradio.com/

It has been on three ocassions I've been on-air with BBS sharing some virtually unknown space visitor   information of experiences from my Life Path.…


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A Time For New Beginnings

It has been said that most people only embrace real change when the pain of remaining the same drives them to it, or fate leaves them no choice. I suspect that applies especially so here in the Western hemisphere where we have been programmed for luxury and bought off with shiny possessions for as long as I can recall. While we have been professionally distracted these last couple of years with everything from Twilight to competitive taxidermy, major portions of the rest of the…


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Filer's Files - Uncensored UFO Info - Free Weekly Newsletter


Major George Filer (USAF Ret.)

Issues a free weekly Newsletter called Filer's Files that discloses much little known information

regarding a subject that has profound implications worldwide.

This Newletter contains information not readily accessible as well as some of the

most recent photos…


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Valiant Thor Film Project

A New Film Project Is Underway to present the  full

Valiant Thor (Stranger at the Pentagon)  Story.

Film project is in the works - here is a short  film clip

& website data.…


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