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The Law of One - Cynthia Rose Young Schlosser Writes About Her Experience

From Cynthia Rose Young Schlosser about The Law of One

Dear Family,

I would like to reply to those who are feeling upset and frightened, from reports of destruction in the world at this time. REMEMBER THAT WE ARE ALL ONE, A UNIFIED FIELD OF ENERGY. This is a true story from a lightworker [Cynthia]:

" I have mentioned before in a previous letter to you that back in 1968 when I was at university, I was approached by a very ordinary looking business man who found me in a coffee shop on a cold rainy night. He was brief and to the point. He put his hand under my left elbow and guided me out to his white car, saying all the while ,"I am from The Brotherhood of Light and there is a serious problem in this town and you have to take care of it."

Going against all of my programming to NEVER trust strangers, I followed him out, feeling such sublime energy of peace, power, and goodness emanating from him that I was willing to trust him completely.

In the car, as he was driving, he explained that some nursing students had been taking LSD at the same time that they were performing dark satanic rituals. They were in way over their heads and in terrible danger.

We drove to his beautifully appointed home in one of the nicest neighborhoods, and in the basement, which was very large and full of books and all kinds of scientific objects, he verbally taught me The Law of One and had me memorize it on the spot.

Once I had it memorized, without saying another word, he took me to the car and drove me back in silence to the dorm.

Over the next few weeks he called me almost daily and had me repeat The Law of One, making sure that I knew it well. ...

Finally the day arrived when he picked me up.

In silence we drove to a deserted house surrounded in weeds and pulled up into the carport. He pointed to a door in the back and said, "It is down there."

I got out and approached the door. It was slightly ajar.

I opened it wider and the shaft of sunlight revealed a stairway going down to a basement with a concrete floor covered with brownish red stains that I knew was blood. The blood had been used to make symbols on the concrete.

I was alarmed to see black foot long semi-transparent objects flying at great speed, slamming into the walls. The sensation of the room was suffocating, horrible feelings flowed and there was a darkness, a horrible smell in it that words cannot describe.

I gagged with repulsion and for a moment I felt certain that I was going to die.

But if I could only live long enough to say The Law of One, I knew I would have not died in vain!

However, a part of me knew, with The Law of One, I would be successful!

The lives of a group of students that I had never met depended on me.

Approaching the first step I said out loud the first sentence of The Law of One," WE ARE ALL ONE."

To my amazement, all of the black things froze, and I felt all "eyes" riveted on me.

Struggling to keep breathing, I took another step and said out loud," WHEN ONE IS HARMED, ALL ARE HARMED."

What intrigued me at this point was that I was hoping they would not harm me, but VERY CLEARLY I knew the beings were vastly surprised and relieved that I would not harm them!

Somewhat emboldened, I took another step and said the second sentence of The Law of One, "WHEN ONE IS HELPED, ALL ARE HELPED."

At this point, I realized that "they" were greatly relieved to hear that they would be helped, although I was hoping that it was I who would be helped!

I was almost halfway down the steps, my eyes had adjusted to the dim light, and I could more clearly see the markings on the floor. More confidence was creeping in over my terror as I continued with the third sentence of The Law of One, "THEREFORE, IN THE NAME OF WHO I AM: OMNIPOTENT, OMNIPRESENT, OMNISCIENT, ALL LOVING, ONE WITH ALL THERE IS, ONE WITH THE MASTERS, SAINTS, AND PROPHETS, AND ONE WITH THE CHRIST, I ASK THAT ONLY THAT WHICH IS THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED HAPPEN HERE."

Then, so fast it was almost garbled, and then I said ,"AND I GIVE THANKS THAT THIS IS DONE. SO BE IT."

As I looked at the room, I saw that the basement had been transformed.

The dark red stains were still on the floor, but the smell and the terrible vibes were gone. All the black things were gone.

What was really remarkable to me, in spite of my body being filled with adrenalin, is that I could feel the most intense gratitude and relief coming from the "beings" to me just before they went"POOF!" at the end of The Law of One.

I knew that they had gone someplace where their highest good was secure.

I turned around and bolted up the steps faster than I have ever moved in my life. I felt wonderful. Feelings of gratitude had transformed me on such a deep level that I would never be the same.

Two weeks later, one of the nursing students contacted me and broke down in tears of gratitude.

I had saved them all from complete insanity, she said, and two of them from suicide. She told me that two of them had planned on committing suicide the very night of the day that I had gone to the deserted house.

I tell you this story because since that time I have used The Law of One in many other situations. Each time that I have used it, I was delighted at how immediately the energy changed for the better, and how grateful the beings were who were released from creating more bad karma.

There is nothing more powerful that I know of.

Others who have learned to use this law over the years have reported great satisfaction with it. It has worked in situations that would not respond to the old techniques of "casting out", which is based on duality instead of the Unified Field.

I offer it to you again in this note. Suggesting that instead of feeling helpless to do anything, or trying to resist forces and powers that are difficult to deal with, if you use The Law of One you are using the most ancient and the most powerful power and truth there is. The Law of One isthe essence of Divine Love, of Divine Power, and of Divine Wisdom.

My teacher taught me that The Law of One is the first and most powerful law, it overrides all other laws in all dimensions and planes, because all other laws come from it and are subordinate to it. It operates through the unified field of the One Being who is omnipresent, omnipotent, andomniscient.

I remember that "God's Love is like the sun, it shines equally on the good and the bad alike." This applies to all beings, known and unknown to us.

God is omnipresent, in all, and as all. The Law of One takes this into account. It is a shift from the paradigm of judgment and win/lose to the paradigm of unity and win/win.


Please ponder this Law and study it, then put it into your own words, if you need to, so that each word resonates powerfully within your core. Whenever anything is going on within you or outside of you that creates fear, invoke this law and see what happens.

Be well, for we are All One.

(Excerpt from Cynthia's Daily Angel Messages Yahoo Group/3-22-2011/Digest Number 2370/2 Aries, The Angels of Enlightened Will and Fire.)

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