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For a T1 Communication Line

As grateful as we are for all the help – financial, emotional, intellectual and spiritual – all of you are giving us, we turn to you again, our faithful and loving supporters, for even more help in addition to what you already provide in terms of rent, utilities, and food money.

It’s to do with getting the level of support for communications we’ve had at previous locations - which doesn’t exist in our new location. In spite of what we were told before we moved, we found out – AFTER – that all previous assurances about providing our level of communication requirements did not apply!

The ability to receive information at the new site is more or less ok; the ability to send it – THE WHOLE REASON WE EXIST – is not! Increasing the volume of gigabytes flowing in both directions is not the issue: the issue is HOW the information is sent and received: the physical aspect related to land lines and satellites.

Once we moved in and called on the providers to come and install the necessary connections, further detailed investigation resulted in “Sorry, you’re in a grey zone: patchy reception” and “Sorry, the national forest trees are way too tall and are in the line of sight of direct satellite communication: patchy reception”. Now what?

After much discussion with BBS, and the broker representing the providers, the only option left is the installation of a T1 copper communication cable, set up like a telephone line, complete with poles – for about 1 mile. The company involved is the same company BBS is using – and for the very same reasons: secure and reliable data transmission.

Based on this information the King of Swords advised us to take out a 3 year contract at $648 per month, that being the best financial option.

Both the KOS and Lady Master Nada have told us that the volume of information and material needing discussion and dissemination will be INCREASING DRAMATICALLY, so WE’LL ALL HAVE MORE WORK TO DO! Good technical support is absolutely necessary as we are to keep on doing what we do!

When discussing options about ways of paying for this dramatic change, the idea arose of approaching listeners/website members about sharing the $648 monthly cost, as a consistent monthly pledge for the initial 3 year contract. Hence, this request to you all. And once NESARA is enacted, everything changes!

By supporting Tara and Rama this way, we are also supporting ourselves, the listeners, as we are an integral part of this communication system. We know we grumble should calls fail and other ‘technical’ things happen, and our ability to hear and to understand is impacted. The material we are hearing is, for the most part, coming from Faction 3 White Knights, and the volume of material from those sources will be increasing exponentially.

We also know that, as listeners, our role is to support and spread the most up-to-date information about NESARA’s enactment and the results of that process. So this is a vital project, as it enables the increase of information flow between all of us and those in our various networks. . .

Please e-mail Rama at to let him know you are willing to pledge, and for how much per month. One of his common expressions is “I have no words . . .”, and that is true for all your help related to this project, as well.

With much, much gratitude for all the ways you support us: knowing you are all out there, paying attention, keeping us on our toes, is a major part of what keeps us going . . . that, and our larger purpose and goal: NESARA NOW!

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Dear Family~

Thank you for the assistance you have given us to bring the Faction 3 White Knight Messages along with St. Germain's messages to the world.
We are now required to Find a New Home.
Please assist us, as we need extra Finances to make This Move. We need 1st. & Last Month's Rent plus a Security Deposit. This is the usual fare. Please continue to send your contributions plus extra as possible.

With Much Gratitude & LOVE,
Tara & Rama.

The T1 Communication Line Fund

In order to solve our communication issues – specifically, the uploading of all Faction 3 White Knight information, as well as current events related to that information – we are reaching out to all our listeners and 2013 Stargate Roundtable website members for further support in the form of pledges: as much per month as each one is able to sustain, to a total of $648 per month, for the first 3 year term of the contract. This is a critical time for all on the planet, and the information we are responsible for understanding and disseminating is of vital importance to everyone, not just those of us in this current network. It is also important to remember that, once NESARA is enacted, everything changes!

To read the entire discussion and find Rama’s contact information, click below . . . .

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BBS Radio's co-founder's, Don & Doug Newsom Lost Their Home and all their broadcasting equipment in the blaze that consumed Paradise, CA. And thanks to many generous donations, they have risen from the ashes of paradise, not unlike a phoenix, and are back in business. Be that as it may they still had a great many losses, some of which they are still making up for. If you are feeling generous and want to send some more love their way in monetary form, click the link below to do so:

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