The Abundance Group

Time to Learn the Ways of the Source!

Become a Manifesting Jedi

If you're interested in creating something new --

a particular sum of money, increased income, a new house, car, community project, business, energy practice . . . 

Now's the time to join

The Abundance Group

A 60-minute conference call with the Collective,
a group of Angelic and Galactic beings
channeled by Caroline Oceana Ryan

Every other Wednesday

5:45 PM Pacific / 8:45 PM Eastern

Next Call: Wednesday, May 17

On each call, we're doing powerful energy processes to actively manifest what we need for our life work, well-being, and overall sense of Abundance.

The Collective also answer questions from individual callers, and offer a beautiful message of encouragement and higher wisdom.

To join the group:

with the message "YES to Abundance!"

You will be placed on the email list to receive reminders for the next call,
the conference call number and PIN, and replay links.

[We use the "Working With Energy" process often, so sign up for the Abundance For Lightworkers summit, to get your free MP3 of that guided meditation!]

See you there!



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