Stargate Round Table

Stargate Round Table

Hosted by Marietta Robert

Thursdays 9:00PM – 11:00PM EST.

LISTEN LIVE BY PHONE                                 LISTEN LIVE ONLINE

                    712-775-4842 press 2                   

                   709-719-3600 direct

ASK QUESTIONS                                     BBS RADIO APP

(Canada & US) 1-888-429-5471               

(International) 530-413-9537                    


Opening: Host MariettaRobert greets us and outlines the content of the call.

Meditation: Someone presents an opening meditation to set the tone for the evening.

Mayan Calendar: Rainbird presents the Mayan calendar for the following week.

Extra Hosts: Friends on the call share their advice and wisdom.

Hard News: Tara and Rama share the behind-the-scenes news they have gathered.

Weekly Guest: Each week, guest tells of their work and life's experiences, and takes questions from callers.

Musical Break: A five minute break is taken and music is played.

Final Hour: Tara and Rama return to present more news and/or material related to astrology, history, politics or  answer callers' questions.

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