Our friends Faction Three White Knight Rama Berkowitz and his wife Tara Green are retired from their day jobs, have no retirement income, and work round the clock to support Lightworkers, including the enactment of NESARA Law and Full Disclosure.


Rama and Tara work hard daily to deliver first-hand Real News from around the world to this website and to listeners of their shows, so that Lightworkers will have the Truth about what is happening galactically and within Earth's power structures.


They are under orders by Rama's boss (former President Obama's security chief, known as the King of Swords) to live entirely by donations from the Light community.

Your support is invaluable and greatly appreciated.


Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity! Namaste!

Please send food money directly to Tara & Ramas Paypal, and indicate that it is for family and friends, so that all of the money that you contribute goes to them.
Please be sure to specify in the note that this money is meant for food.


Your contribution to Rama & Tara's grocery fund are greatly appreciated!

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