My Friends (18)


New York, NY, United States

Lonnie Frederick

Kaplan, LA, United States

Chandra Das

Fairfield, IA, United States


Guildford, United Kingdom

Lorene Ann Haggard

Tucson, AZ, United States

Suzanne Jenkins

Phoenix, AZ, United States


Warrenton, VA, United States

Gail Miller

Sterling Heights, MI, United States

Cathy Lauren

Bensalem, PA, United States


San Diego, CA, United States

Cheryl Croci

Clinton Township, MI, United States

Purple Wizard

Blue Ridge, GA, United States


Springdale, AR, United States

Katie Tweedale

Eastpointe, MI, United States

Ram Arjuna

Santa Fe, NM, United States


Milwaukee, WI, United States

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BBS Radio's co-founder's, Don & Doug Newsom Lost Their Home and all their broadcasting equipment in the blaze that consumed Paradise, CA. And thanks to many generous donations, they have risen from the ashes of paradise, not unlike a phoenix, and are back in business. Be that as it may they still had a great many losses, some of which they are still making up for. If you are feeling generous and want to send some more love their way in monetary form, click the link below to do so:

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